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If you have questions about Bennett’s recovery, submit them on this page and he will try to answer them the best he can as fast as possible. If you are wanting to wish him well, do that on the Get Well Soon section. This is only for questions and answers, please.

Go here for much more information that may answer your questions before you ask.

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  1. Annette & Jeremy Proctor said on February 29th, 2008: 3:47 pm

    Hello Bennett and Cindy,

    Hope this finds Bennett feeling a little better. We sure do know all about the crazy things your anc can do on steriods. It is nice to be able to get on your page to see how you are keeping up with things. Jeremy still has his caring bridge site, I have taken it over for him. Typical Jeremy. He still tries to stay up all night but rarely makes it any more. Take care and God Bless you both.
    Annette and Jeremy Proctor

  2. Jackie Myers said on March 8th, 2008: 12:04 am

    Bennett, i am from Sesser and have been following your story through McKenna Miller and your website. I also worked at Kid’s Country Day Care when Hamilton was there. First let me say you are being prayed for constantly. I had to do a volunteer project for this thing at school and i chose to collect soda can tabs for you where I work. I work at the Rend Lake College Children’s Center and we have been collecting tabs since September. I was wondering if you or your Mom knew where I could take those to get them redeemed. I didn’t know if there was somewhere special or just the regular recyling center. There are approximately 50 kids in the center and they have been bringing them in! My e-mail is Keep looking to God!!!

  3. Cortney said on March 27th, 2008: 7:11 pm

    Hi Bennett! What hospitals have you gone to? What is leukemia anyway????? E-mail me if you want to. I want to talk to you. Keep me updated. Hope u get better!!!! Bye Bye!

  4. Jamie Wright said on June 3rd, 2008: 2:26 pm

    Dear Bennett, My name is Jamie Wright. I am Brandon’s little sister. It’s 2008 and im gonna be in 7th grade. I have left replies for you before saying get better. I just wanted to say helping to donate for you was awesome. It was fun but yet for a sad reason. But I just wanted to let you know I hope going into highschool must be tough right now for you and we all understand but strangly not in a way you do. I hope your highschool classmates in your grade and everyone else will still support you and we will still collect tabs at Benton Middle School for you. Get Better Soon!


    -Jamie Wright

  5. Jamie Wright said on June 3rd, 2008: 2:28 pm

    p.s. If you wanna e-mail me you can at Brandon has msn too but Im sure you already have it and have him on myspace but please relpy back! as i said get better soon and we will keep you in our prayers

    – Jamie Wright

  6. carla jean page said on July 6th, 2008: 4:40 pm

    i am doing genealogy research and i have an ancestor by the name of bennett born 1810 nelson county,virginia,he came to missouri about 1830 or so from virginia.he married sarah finks in nov of 1837.they had four children.i am trying to find the living descendants of bennett came with his brother john walter page and mary ann page and joseph page to missouri.if you are related i would like to hear from you.thankyou very much in advance.
    regards,carla jean page,columbia,missouri

  7. MARIA JONES said on July 8th, 2008: 8:47 am

    Hey Bennett and Cindy,

    Hope things go well for you today.

    Maria & Tyler

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