Bennett doing what he loves!

Bennett doing what he loves!

Bennett doing what he loves!

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Happy New Year ~ 2012!~

May God bless you and your family with health and happiness in 2012!  We’re so thankful for all his blessings in 2011 !



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Merry Christmas!

From the Page family to yours, May God bless you this Christmas season with good health, love and happiness! We are so thankful for God blessing our family!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so Thankful for all our blessings – Especially Bennett’s health! We Thank God daily for blessing us with keeping him in remission – God is so Good!
Wishing you and your family a special Thanksgiving!

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Homecoming 2011

Bennett and Allison at Homecoming on October 8, 2011!

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God’s Angel

Heaven is shining a little brighter tonight with a beautiful shining star. Our dearest friend, Brittani Shurtz passed away today and is now one of God’s angels, she is forever healed.  We pray for her family that God’ s grace comforts their sorrow. 

Brittani and Bennett after her 1st lung transplant in 2007

“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17

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Happy Easter!

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January 20th update

Bennett is still not feeling well.  He woke up this morning with 100.8 fever. He still has a bad headache and stomach is upset.  I called his Dr. today and she decided to change his antibiotic to the z pack.  She also wanted an influenza swab to be done to see if he had A or B flu and it came back negative.  We also checked his blood work.

His ANC has dropped to 945 from 2,898 from a week ago Sunday.  His WBC are 3.5 from 6.3 and neutrophils are 27 from 45.  Hemoglobin was great at 14.8 which stayed the same and his platelets are 121 form 177.   His nurse in St. Louis received a copy of the CBC report and called to discuss.  She indicated that his ANC has probably dropped because of his infection. Also, that it will take almost a year for his counts to return normal after the extensive chemo he had.

Bennett is feeling a little better tonight and is out of the bed for the first time in 3 days.  We pray he gets better soon and that his counts will rise to a higher range.  God Bless!

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January 17th update

Bennett is doing good.  He woke up this morning with a headache and a little sore throat but hopefully it won’t turn into anyhing.  It didn’t get him too down as him and Hamilton went goose hunting this afternoon.  After shooting their bows for an hour at the techno game hunt at Rend Lake Sporting Goods.  Their arms got tired but they enjoy shooting at different critters and practicing shooting their bows.

Bennett went hunting Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons too.  He saw a few each time and on the  Sunday morning hunt he got a goose.  Hamilton went a few times with him when he didn’t have basketball and baseball practice.   On Sunday they left at 5:30 a.m. and got home in time to change their clothes and go to church and as soon as they had lunch, they were back in the field hunting for geese.

Bennett’s Dr. appt went well on Tuesday.  She said he was doing Great.  The weather was looking pretty bad but we managed by driving slower and taking our time.  I think we got about 4 inches of snow but thankfully no ice though.  His Dr. said he will continue his follow up appts. on a monthly basis until July of this year and than we will go to every other month  for another year.  The next year we would go every three months and than every six months for another year so a total of 5 years of follow up visits.  She asked about his symptoms and how he was doing in school.  She reiterated that were going to know sooner than her if his not doing well by his symptoms.  Also the blood work is always a good sign on how he’s doing and we’re blessed to say they’ve been Great!  We’re thankful and praise God!!!!!

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Happy New Year!

We pray 2011 brings good health to Bennett and to all of family & friends!  May God’s grace shine through all of his people and bring good things to this world!

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