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Dear Friend,

Bennett and family decided to create this site to keep friends and family updated with the most current information on his recovery from leukemia. In early February of 2007, he had what he thought was the flu along with pale skin and a lack of energy. The flu-like symptoms had gone away but he still had the lack of energy. On February 20th, Bennett’s 13th birthday, he went to the doctor and was ordered to St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) immediately for testing. Preliminary tests at SLCH pointed to some form of blood disorder like anemia or leukemia, and that was later confirmed by subsequent tests.

The doctors diagnosis is acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Bennett’s chemotherapy medication is given to him in pills and through an IV to kill the cancer cells and stop the spread of the leukemia. His prognosis is good since the leukemia was caught early and most forms of ALL are very treatable. Updates will be posted as soon as possible. We would like to thank all our friends and family for your prayers, cards and kind words.


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  1. Mitchell's, Tyler Gray said on February 24th, 2007: 8:40 am

    Hey, Bennett,
    God is much bigger than this. He’ll take care of you and your family. Always Praying!!!! See you soon.

  2. Mackenzie Fleetwood said on February 24th, 2007: 11:13 am

    heyhey there bennett whats^ nothing here just sitting at the volleyball match thinking of u i heard u r doing better thats good i hope u get better soon and we all miss u and u r in our thoughts and i cant wait to see u!!! well i sent u a letter the other day so u should be getting that soon and we u can have guest i will come see u!! i miss u alot get better quick love yea tonz mackenzie!!!!

  3. Tayler said on February 24th, 2007: 12:41 pm

    Hey bennett i hope u are geting beter and starting to fill beter.You are in our prayers and i hope u get better soon.

  4. kirstan innis said on February 24th, 2007: 4:26 pm

    hey i dont know u that well but im soso sry i hope u fell 100%better soon

  5. Mackenize Cloe said on February 24th, 2007: 6:16 pm

    Hey bennett again! well i hope u get better! i am going to send u a letter..i hope it gets there in time..and right when ur allowed to have visitors tell me because i cant miss seeing you another sceond!!i really hope u get better! I love you bunches!! i hope u get felling 1,000,000% better out of 100%
    well im going to go i love you ttyl Bye’z Kenzie

  6. CHARLY said on February 24th, 2007: 6:59 pm


  7. andrew simpson said on February 24th, 2007: 7:46 pm

    hey bennett, wats up. hope you feel better im thinkin bout you lots. and hope you enjoyed your friends today.


  8. melinda n megan said on February 24th, 2007: 9:25 pm

    we hope u get better.i will never hide ur math book agien.well hope u get better soon.

  9. bennett said on February 25th, 2007: 12:02 am

    a biG huge THANK YOU to everyone for everything!!! whatever you have done, it’s not necessary but it so comforting for our family to know that we our loved by so many. A special thx to JJ for an outstanding job in creating this website for Bennett and all of his family/friends. Bennett’s mom

  10. cameron said on February 25th, 2007: 6:11 pm

    hey man wats up. i hope that you start to get feeling better can’t wat to see you. I hope that you enjoyed your friends today… and always 21 forever

  11. tyler gray said on February 25th, 2007: 7:26 pm

    hey bennett wats up hope you get to feelin better man my aunt called me and told me she came to see you and if i would have known she was goin up there i would have came but she didnt tell me but i guess ill talk nto you later cya man

  12. Kelly Berkemeier said on February 26th, 2007: 8:05 am

    Hey Bennett, you may not recognize the last name, I am Scott Johnson’s mom. I am writing from work because we have taken our computer down at home to move. Scott will contact you as soon as he can get to a computer!! I hate to hear about your diagnosis but as I have checked out your website and heard your updates, it sounds as though you are on the road to recovery. You and your family will remain in my prayers. I am anxious to see you back with all your buddies! Please let your mom and dad know that I am thinking of them. If I can help with ANYTHING please let me know!! Take care and I will see you soon!! Kelly

  13. Ms. Tracy said on February 26th, 2007: 6:51 pm

    Praying for ya’ll and hoping for the best. Tracy

  14. jake harris said on February 27th, 2007: 1:50 pm

    hey how u feelin man study hall is so so so so boring without you i hav nobody to talk paintball well im prayin for ya stay strong

  15. cali logsdon said on February 27th, 2007: 2:03 pm

    heyhey u ! feeling any better? well im in oral com and its not much fun without you sittin on computer 21. jake and scott told me to tel you they are keepin it nice and warm for you when you get back! um ok well i guess ill talk to you later ! well we miss you and love you much ! PEACE CALI LOGSDON

  16. may may said on February 27th, 2007: 3:09 pm

    hey hey bennett whats up just sitten here after school in my moms room well just wanted to show some love well bye

  17. mady said on February 27th, 2007: 3:21 pm

    heyy bennett how are you doing? I hope you are doing ok. Well i hope everything turns out ok! I have a volleyball game to night we are going to win it for ya! LOVE YA!

  18. austin myers said on February 28th, 2007: 9:27 am

    hey bennett, not much is goin on here, hey much would could a would chuk chuk if a would chuk would chuk would that was a stupid joke we all love u and we all hope u get beter

  19. taylor said on March 1st, 2007: 9:28 am

    hey bennett how ya doin? hope u get 2 feeling lottsssss better! you’ll be back in no time! im prayin 4 ya!! god is with you.

  20. whitney whaley said on March 1st, 2007: 6:50 pm

    hey bennett
    im just seeing how you are hope your good im praying for you and your family!
    i cant wait to come see you!!!!
    well…i love you and miss ya bennett everone does!!
    ttyl bye
    love whitney

  21. Alex cima said on March 1st, 2007: 7:46 pm

    hey bennet how r u doin i hope u get better soon well just be strong thru all this u r in my prayers get better ttyl

  22. Ashley said on March 2nd, 2007: 7:54 am

    Jerms…you did an AWESOME job on this site!! How fortunate Bennett is to have someone who would do this for him. Keep it up…checking this site to check on Bennett is the first thing I do every morning. Way to go Jerms!~

  23. camerons mom and step dad said on March 2nd, 2007: 5:35 pm

    hey this is jesse and deanna hope that you get better soon we need you in baseball it’s right around the corner.your in our prayers, get bettet soon.

  24. williepowell #33 said on March 3rd, 2007: 8:46 pm

    bennett do you remember that day we was riding on the bus and we went to the SIU game that game was the best im coming up there and see how you are doing well we just won first place in the murphysbro tournament and i’m going to send you my metal that we won hope you feel better much LOVE.

  25. Noah Bond said on March 5th, 2007: 4:39 pm

    I’m a reporter for channel 6 news. . . interested in all the friends shaving their heads as a token of support. Please call me at 618-694-4411. Would love to do a story about this.

    Noah Bond

  26. Mary Ann Janes said on March 23rd, 2007: 12:43 am

    I know your Grandpa Glen and he lets me know how you are doing. I sure hope you are feeling better. Now it is spring maybe the weather will be nice so you can go outside more often. Feed those ducks again

  27. Joahua Bettis said on March 28th, 2007: 7:46 am

    Hey, Bennett!

    How are you? I’ve read your bulletins on your website and your website banners; they’re pretty funny. I hope you get better soon; I hope to see you return by next year. We’re praying for you and your family harder and harder each time.

  28. Amanda Brown said on March 28th, 2007: 7:58 am

    I hope you’re doing better. We all miss you and hope to see you come back soon. I haven’t talked to you lately so I thought I would leave you and comment. well ill talk to you later hope to hear from you soon.
    Love, Amanda =]

  29. Kaci Avery said on March 28th, 2007: 10:37 am

    hey Bennett! we all miss you here and hoping to see you again next year. Rite now we are writing what we would like to do in spring break! We are all praying for you, and Only God and your friends can help you through this!
    Love, Kaci :]

  30. May-May said on March 29th, 2007: 2:16 pm

    hey hey whast up i havent commented you in along time but my fam and i are prayin for you just like we are with brit so we all love you and hope to cya soon bye


  31. SHERRI WILSON said on April 10th, 2007: 2:01 pm

    Hi Bennett! Am keeping tabs on you through my nephew and sister-n-law, Clay and Keri Richardson. Hang in there buddy, SLCH is the best – they’ll get you fixed up and you’ll be good as new. Sid, Cindy, Bennett and Hamilton – you’re in our thoughts and prayers each day.

  32. Nathanael Higgins said on April 12th, 2007: 8:19 pm

    Hey Bennett, I am still prayin for you. Hang in there

  33. Joanie Moscardelli said on April 13th, 2007: 6:51 am


    You are in my prayers and thoughts.
    If you need anything have your mom or dad call me and I will come running.

  34. whitney whaley said on April 13th, 2007: 12:00 pm

    thinking about you and cant wait to see you again!

  35. Nathanael Higgins said on April 13th, 2007: 7:36 pm

    Hey Bennett, wasn’t the pep session a BLAST! We saw you play v-ball and you were a prtetty good sevrer. The pie in the face was awesome. You got Mrs.Hughs good. It was good seeing you there. GET WELL SOON!

  36. Toni Battaglia said on April 20th, 2007: 11:17 am

    I hope you remember me. I was your student teacher when you were in second grade. I learned of your situation about a month ago. I have been thinking of you ever since. Someone told me about your website. This is great!!! As the Bible tells us…Be strong….Be couregeous….It certainly sounds like your are a strong teenager. I know it must be very hard. We prayed specifically for you in church. You are in my thoughts!!!!

  37. Lisa Price said on April 20th, 2007: 8:16 pm


    We have been hearing that you were quite the volleyball player last week. Nick would have liked to be there to throw a pie in Mr. Crisp’s face-Nick owes him big time. We went on a Future Focus trip last year and Mr. Crisp was a chaperone. When we stopped at a visitors center, Mr. Crisp put Nick’s name and address on a card so that he could get FREE traveling information. Nick began getting brochures and information from all over the country, like Iowa, Nebraska, California, everywhere. He kept his “mail” at first to see how much he would get-it was over a foot high. So, Nick owes him big time. If you can think of a good prank to pull on Mr. Crisp, let Nick know. We promise we won’t tell him it was your idea.

    Nick’s cousin, Faith Wyant, got us bracelets. They are great! Of course, we had to go for the maroon.

    We’re still thinking about you and praying for you all of the time. Hang in there!!

    Alan, Lisa, Victoria, & Nick

  38. atown austin said on April 25th, 2007: 8:35 am

    hi ben. how u doin nm going on at school it was realy good seeing u at the pepseshun and i cant spell. by
    ps i lov u as a bro

  39. taylor h said on April 26th, 2007: 8:27 am

    hey bennett, whuzzup just writin u a message hope u get to feeling better. lottzzzz better! so keep hangin on, and things will get better. i will keep prayin for ya!!

  40. Susan Yancik Falkner said on April 30th, 2007: 10:49 am

    Bennett & Family: My sister Michele Lampley continues to update me on your progress from the beginning of your illness. I want you to know despite not knowing you, I continue to pray for your recovery and for the strength of those around you who keep you comfortable on a daily basis. My prayers are with you from Simsbury, Connecticut! Sincerely, Susan

  41. Lampleys said on May 1st, 2007: 1:07 pm


    Forry to hear you are going to be admitted to the hospital, but if they can get you to feeling better than it will be worth it. You are in our prayers. HANG IN THERE!!!

  42. nathanael higgins said on June 13th, 2007: 4:53 pm

    hope u get better we have the same name.

  43. jwyqpahegm said on June 20th, 2007: 11:12 pm

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! lqbfyvmvwoaco

  44. Britney Tindall said on June 24th, 2007: 11:09 pm

    hey bennett..how are you doing…you are still prayers….i dont know if you know me or not….but i know the bake sale was a while ago but i just wanted to say that i had alot of fun and i would be happy to do it any other time!!!!….just remember that you have family and friends that are there for you..and even though i dont know you that much, i am still here for you..as well as my friends!!!good luck in every thing you do!!! and remember to live life to the fullest!!!=D

  45. Raymond Schafer said on September 3rd, 2007: 8:39 am

    Bennett and family, I hope and pray that little fella gets well soon and that all goes well , with his treatments . Your blessed to have such brave little fella. My wife’s dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Though he isn’t a child I can’t even imagine the time you may all be going through so I’m gonna pray for the whole family that ya’all can just hang in there and whip this thing and don’t ever ever give up keep on fighting. In Christ Ray

  46. Josh Morrissey said on October 11th, 2007: 12:49 pm

    I came across your website today and wanted to say hi. You don’t know me but I know what you and your family are going through because April 27, 2007 my 3 year old daughter, Faith, was diagnosed with Pre-B ALL. I have been reading through your blog and it sounds like you are doing well and for that we can all thank God. I know it’s tough for you but remember God didn’t bring sickness, pain and suffereing into the world but by his grace alone it can remove it and I pray he will, in your case.

    It sounds like you have randomized to protocol AALL0232, or one very similiar to it. My daughter is on that protocol and is doing quite well at this point. In about 2 weeks we will be starting the Delayed Intensification phase of her treatment and I must say I am not looking forward to the 3 weeks of Steroids (Dexamethasone).

    Well as I said I came across your website and wanted to offer you some words of encouragement and hope that one day soon this will all just be a bad memory. If you would like to see my daughters website and keep track of her progress just point and click your way over to http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/faithmorrissey

  47. Josh Morrissey said on October 18th, 2007: 8:59 am

    Cindy, I read your response on my daughters website and thought I would take a few minutes to respond. I found your site quite by accident while I was searching for additional information about Dexamethasone. Google can yield some strange results sometimes eh? If you would like to talk more about our common sturggles please feel free to call me at 817-355-7362 as I always enjoy talking with other parents who are going through the same thing.

    I hope all is going well with your son and look forward to hearing from you soon.


  48. Mallory said on October 20th, 2007: 2:10 pm

    Hey Bennett! You dont know me, but i was recently diagnosed with the same type of leukemia as you have, and i was just looking around the internet for kids who have the same type of cancer as me. I think that you are really cute, and i hope that you recover very soon!

  49. Jeff O'Connell said on January 15th, 2008: 8:41 pm

    Hi Bennet, My name is Jeff O’Connell. I seen the link on your Grand Father’s beagle website, and have been reading your story. You dont know me and I’ve never met Glen, I judge and compete Beagle field trials and maybe some day I’ll meet the both of you. It breaks my heart to hear of the troubles you and your family have been going through. You must be very strong to deal with all the treatments, and trips to the hospital. Nobody should have to go through what your dealing with, but I hope that things get easier for you, and every thing in your life changes for the better.

    God Bless and GET WELL SOON!

  50. Chris Cravens said on January 18th, 2008: 8:36 pm

    Hello Bennett,
    You dont know me but Im a friend of your grandpa Johnstons, I go to his web site several times a week and have been following the updates on your site also. You are one tough kid, you seem very well rounded and able to deal with life very well especially for your age. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    PS: I hunted with your grandpa 3 weeks ago, he missed every rabbit he shot at, so I gave him 2 of mine.

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