February 26th update

Bennett’s ANC is 2,052 today with WBC at 5.4 and neutrophils still low at 38.  His hemoglobin is 15.1 and platelets at 199 which both are Fantastic!  We’re so thankful his counts look Great!  He has a Dr. appt Tuesday in St. Louis, we expect it to go well. I would like to Thank my family that continues to give to the hospital. For over a year, my sister, Mom, nephew/nieces,  and Brother & sister-in-law have provided food, snacks, and blankets to the sick children at the hospital.  I personally know how you appreciate these things when you live at the hospital for weeks.  

We had a great week celebrating Bennett’s 18th birthday and most importantly we celebrated the gift of life.  This makes his 5th anniversary since he was diagnosed on his 13th birthday.  We are so thankful for each day, May God continue to bless Bennett by staying free of leukemia forever. Thank you for your continued prayers for Bennett. We continue to pray for all the children fighting for their lives and to all the loved ones that their child is an angel in heaven.

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Happy 18th Birthday Bennett!

We are counting our blessings and Thanking God for Bennett’s 18th birthday!  We are so blessed that he continues to bless us with remission. Thank you God for good health!  Wishing you many more birthday’s Bennett and a life full of happiness!

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