Bear Hunt

Bennett was blessed with the help of USSA (United Special Sportsman Alliance) to be able to go on a bear hunt in Northern Wisconsin last week. Him and Sid left Monday after school and returned Friday night with the luck of getting a bear within 2 days of hunting. Bennett stayed in a portable tree stand those 2 days straight from daylight to sun set. He found out that bear are very sensitive and have outstanding hearing.

His bear tag was donated and the gentleman that donated it said he could hunt on his land. We wasn’t for sure what he was getting into but was blessed with some spectacular northern hospitality.

Bennett wants to get the bear stuffed and put it in is room. We are having the bear made into hamburger, sausage and loin, hope it’s good!

We are so thankful for USSA, caring and giving hunters and God’s amazing Grace!

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September 6th update

Bennett is doing pretty good. He had some sinus and allergy problems a couple days ago. He took some over the counter medicine and started using the netti pot and he is better other than coughing. He doesn’t want to go to the Dr. unless it gets worse so we pray he continues to get better.

His ANC today was 3,927. His WBC is 7.7, this may be higher because of him being sick. His neutrophils are 51. Hemoglobin is 13.7 and platelets are 164 which are good. He goes back to St. Louis tomorrow for his follow up appointment. He was supposed to go in a couple weeks but we ask to go early. Bennett will be going on a bear hunt in Northern Wisconsin sponsored by USSA (United Special Sportsman Alliance). He will sit in a tree stand morning and night waiting for the bear, very similar to deer hunting. We pray for his safety. Sid will be going with him.

His allergy test came back from his sinuses surgery. He is allergic to mites, fungi/mold and smut corn. There was none of these allergies that were severe. We were thankful he’s not allergic to cats, dogs, or wild animals.

Bennett started his Junior year. He is still dating Allison and they are going to Homecoming together. Bennett works for her families auction in Ina. He likes it. He went early teal hunting last weekend, he didn’t get anything but enjoyed getting to hunt.

Hamilton is in 6th grade this year. He is so busy. He is playing 5th/6th baseball, he is the quarterback for the 5th/6th grade football team and he runs cross country. Tonight he had practice from after school to 8:00 p.m. tonight. He really wants to do all three and can’t choose. He is a trooper of doing his homework and going to bed. He went duck hunting early with Bennett and went dove hunting with Sid over the weekend.

We feel very fortunate and blessed that Bennett is doing so well! We’re so thankful for his remission! Thank you God, we praise you for this blessing!

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