July 27th update

Bennett’s ANC is 2,432 from 1, 880 six weeks ago.  His WBC are 6.4 from 4.7 and neutrophils  are low at 37.5.  Dr. said that the low neutrophils are nothing to worry about it’s just going to take him time to build these back up.  Seems strange though because I know some patients on chemo that have a higher ANC than this. Bennett although always bottomed out and always had a very low ANC the entire time of his treatment.  His hemoglobin is 14.3 and platelets are 164 which both are good.

We found out that the Dr. read through his study papers and the next year of appointments will be every 2 months instead of every 3 months like other patients not on the study.  It doesn’t matter to us, I’m actually glad for him to go more often which means counts will be checked.  Definitely gives you a peace of mind until the next blood work report is good .

His main oncology Dr. is in India for a couple months so we saw the PA, we were able to reminisce with her about Bennett’s journey.  She said Dr. Shenoy (main oncology Dr.) really wants to keep an eye on him because he always kept her guessing, he always kept her on his toes with his bizarre problems. At the time during these problems, this was not fun and very stressful. Now, I look back and all these issues were related to chemo so maybe the chemo was killing/hurting his body is why we had so many problems and praying that the chemo did kill all the leukemia cells and they are afraid to ever re-surface!  We are very thankful to all the Dr.’s, nurses, family and friends that helped us along this unforgettable journey.

We also found out that he will eventually after another year or so, he will be transferred to another clinic in the hospital and actually will continue to be treated there every year for the rest of his life.  Good news, I really like that they will stay up to date with him as he grows into an old man!

We have some bad news that our friend Jeremy that we asked for prayer for a couple months ago because he relasped with a different type of leukemia which was chemo induced, he fought a long battle and is now one of God’s angels. We give our deepest sympathy to his beloved mother, Annette.  Please keep his family in your prayers.

Our family had an amazing vacation a week ago. We decided to go to Michigan staying on Lake Huron on a beach where we fished, rode four wheelers and para-sailed.  We haven’t really ever did anything like this but as you get older, your kids get older, and you know how precious time is, we decided we better go while we could. We are so blessed and thankful!

“Sending Gods grace to all!”

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July 5th update

Bennett is doing good.  The sinus surgery was pretty rough the first few days.  It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since surgery. He still has a few headaches, stuffy and running nose. He goes back to the ENT Dr. next Tuesday and we should receive the results from the allergy testing.  They also tested the polyps that they burned from his sinus cavity so hope to hear those results too.

Bennett’s monthly St. Louis appt was today but they called last week and asked to reschedule because of the holiday yesterday being closed, they will be really busy and with his being a check up they preferred moving. His appt is now July 26th.  After this appt, his check up appts will be quarterly, so happy to be at this point in his journey!!

It was a joyous time this weekend to celebrate Bennett’s one year of being chemo free!  July 3, 2010 was his last day of any type of  chemo.  We are so blessed that he is doing so good.  We praise God for his grace!!!

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