June 20th update

Bennett  had sinus surgery last Wednesday.  The ENT Dr. that he saw, the week prior took a mini cat scan and found that his sinus were blocked and he had lots of inflammation. He said Bennett needed surgery and Bennett wanted it done right away so less than a week later, he’s having surgery.  He was sick again with a sinus infection and had already spent a few days in bed. We figured it up and he has had an infection every other month and is sick for about two weeks.    He had several polyps that were burnt off too.  The Dr. did allergy testing that we will find out the results in 3 weeks when we return for his follow up appt.

We got to the Mt Vernon hospital at 8:30 and didn’t leave till 5:30.  The surgery only took about an hour, it took 3 to 4 hours for him to recovery.  It was very painful and alot of pressure in his nose and head.  He got the packing out Friday & gradually started feeling better.  He still has a cough so the Dr. continued him on augmentin.   He had about 3 days that he was miserable. .  He can’t be out in the heat, lift anything and basically take it easy for 10 days.

He got up early this morning and went fishing before it got too hot.  He was so ready to get outside. Him and Hamilton went fishing  yesterday too for a couple hours at Gpa/ma Johnston’s pond and caught about 10 bass.  

He went to the orthopedic Dr. last week too.  They cleared him from having to wear the boot anymore.  We’re thankful that his ankle turned out okay. We pray for no other breaks or fractures.  Also, that the sinus surgery will relieve him of sinus infections and that he will have a whole new beginning of “feeling good”!

God is Good and we are so thankful for his daily blessings!

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June 9th update

Bennett’s ANC is 1,880. His WBC is 4.7 and neutrophils are 40.  Hemoglobin is 14.3 and platelets were at 149.  His counts seemed a little lower but his nurse and Dr. assured us that all looked good.  It’s just going to take awhile for his white blood cells to rebound. It seems to that any cold or infection really affects them.

Bennett went to the Dr. in St. Louis on Tuesday for his check up.  She asked what he has been doing this summer and if he had a job.  He has been umpiring 4 to 6 baseball games weekly. He also started helping at his girlfriend’s family auction on Friday night working from 5:00 to midnight.  He likes it and is getting a little extra gas money.

He has one more monthly Dr. check up in July and than he will start going every 3 months.  It will be hard going from monthly counts to quarterly.  We used to get his numbers daily, weekly and now monthly.  It will seem like forever to wait every 3 months.  We’re thankful for God to continue to bless Bennett with remission and we continue to pray that the leukemia stays away forever.

We ask for special prayers for Sid’s cousin’s family.  His cousin, Eric lives in Albers, IL and in his early 20’s.  He was diagnosed 2 years ago with ewing sarcoma and recently passed away.  He was so brave and faught every day. May God bless his family.

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