May 9th update

Bennett’s ANC is 2,778. His WBC are 6.8 and neutropils at 41. Hemoglobin is 15.2 and platelets at 309, all in normal range. His follow up appt in St. Louis is tomorrow. 

Bennett is feeling so much better. He finally got over of having a fever, he had a fever for about 7 days. He had an upset stomach for about 9 days and by last week started feeling good.  His sinus infection has improved and hopefully gone away too.

He has been wearing his boot when he can. He can’t drive with it so he takes it off and puts it back on when he is done.  His foot isn’t soar anymore. It isn’t swollen or bruised so that’s all good signs.  He has started umpiring baseball games and it’s really difficult to wear the boot during that time.    He may have to wear it longer but we’ll see when he returns to his follow up appt in about 2 1/2 weeks.

 We are so blessed and thankful that Bennett is doing good.  We have some friends that are not doing as well and it sure breaks your heart to hear of them having a difficult time.  Please pray for all the children fighting this horrible disease or the side effects from their treatment.  God Bless.

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