March 29th update

Bennett is doing Great!  We are so thankful!  Nothing really new to update other than he is doing good and that’s the best news ever!  His next monthly Dr. appt is next Tuesday in St. Louis.  We are nearing the one year anniversary in 4 months that he hasn’t had any chemo.  Amazing!    Thank you for your continued prayers!

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March 9th update

Bennett had his monthly Dr. appt in St. Louis yesterday, Sid took him and all went well.  Dr. was pleased to hear that he hadn’t been sick anymore which were very thankful and appreciative!  All the nurses was happy to see him and chattered away.

My family has been donating snacks to the Ronald McDonald room at the hospital and also for the patients at the clinic where Bennett has his appts.  Both places appreciate it very much and I appreciate my families support in helping families and children enjoy a nice snack while in the hospital or at a clinic appt all day.  I remember when Bennett would look forward to see what snacks he was going to eat for the day, sometimes the little things are very important!

Thank you for your continued prayers, we’re blessed that Bennett continues to do so well, we never take it for granted.  Every night I ask God to keep Bennett in remission forever and Thank him for all his blessings.

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March 7th update

Bennett had blood work completed yesterday. His ANC was 2,940 from 2,132 last month. His WBC were 6.0 from 5.2 and neutrophils were 50 from 41. His hemoglobin is 15.0 from 13.9 and platelets are 199 from 185. All his blood counts are Great and we are so thankful.

Bennett has been feeling well, we hope all the winter colds and flu are over with and he continues to stay healthy and feel good.

He has been busy keeping the time clock at Future Rangers basketball games.  He likes to do it, he knows the game well and sure likes the extra money.

Bennett & Hamilton went hunting with Grandpa Johnston today at a game reserve. They didn’t have school because of Casmir Polaski holiday.   Bennett got a hen pheasant and 6 quail and Hamilton got a rooster and 6 quail.  The boys enjoyed the hunt and had a beautiful day to enjoy it.

Bennett & Hamilton pheasant & quail hunting

Our friend Dalton is in the hospital in St. Louis with pneumonia in both lungs. We pray for his healing and that he feels better soon. Our other friend Jeremy was able to go home today after several weeks in the hospital after his stem cell transplant.  We ask for blessings and healing for all the children in the hospital.

“The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him.” Ezra 8:22

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