Happy 17th Birthday Bennett!

Dear Bennett,

The day you were born

Made us the happiest parents around.

Sidney Bennett Page IV

Was a long name to pronounce.

So we called you Bennett,

And we loved you every minute.

As you have grown older,

You have become stronger and bolder.

On your 13th birthday,

Our world turned upside down

We didn’t understand and became very sad.

But you are in God’s hands

And you’ll always wear his crown.

Each day is a blessing,

Filled with hope, patience, and strength.

You keep the faith; continue praying,

And trusting in your dreams.

You are a special young man,

That we are so proud of,

I know God is watching over you,

So we can grow old together…

Happy 17th Birthday Bennett!
We Love You!

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February 19th update

Wow!  How much time has gone, so many memories, so much sadness and happiness has been experienced in the last 4 years.  Tomorrow, is Bennett’s 4 year anniversary of the day we heard he was diagnosed with leukemia.  Some times, this day was the worst day of my life and other times it was the best day as it changed our lives forever.  We have truly been blessed and this long journey has made Bennett the young man he is today!

It has been 7 months since Bennett took his last chemo medicine, We’re so thankful that he has stayed cancer free!  We continue to pray this prayer daily that God will keep Bennett in remission the rest of his life.  We’re celebrating Bennett’s life tomorrow for his 17th birthday! Amen!

Not only is tomorrow Bennett’s 17th Birthday but it is a day to reflect on all of God’s blessing’s in the last 4 years!

4 years ago on Bennett's 13th birthday in the hospital.

Bennett in 2008 getting chemo in the clinic.

Bennett lost his hair 3 times, Nothing can take the place of his long hair!

Cranial radiation treatments in 2008.

Alaska Hunt of A Lifetime Sept. 2009

Bennett & Lindy - Prom 2010

Bennett - goose hunting 12/31/10

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February 13th update

Bennett is doing good.  He had a great Dr. appt last Tuesday.  He has had bad dry irritated skin on his arms that had spread to his stomach and chest. His Dr. thought it might be a fungal infection so wanted him to go to the dermatologist.  They believed on his arms and stomach/chest that he has Eczema and gave him a prescription cream.  It now has spread to his legs.  Dermatologist indicated that they’ve had a lot of break outs this year because of the extreme cold temperatures.

Hamilton’s 5th grade basketball team played in the Carlyle tournament this weekend and they got 5th place out of sixteen teams.  We really felt good about only losing one game with the teams from Effingham, Edwardsville, Teutopolis and Breese to name a few.    I remember when Bennett & his friends was this age and us going to several tournament’s and cheering them on. It seems like yesterday that Bennett was Hamilton’s age.  

We pray for all the children and families going through tough times and ask God to bless them with his grace.  I ask God to bless my precious two boys that mean everything to me that they will become Christian men and do his will.

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February 6th update

CBennett’s ANC today is 2,132 from 945 three weeks ago when he was sick. The week prior to his sickness, his ANC was around 2,800. His WBC are great at 5.2 and neutorphils are 41.  His hemoglobin is 13.9 from 14.8 and platelets are 185 from 121.  While everyone else was worried today of who is going to win the Super Bowl, I was worried about Bennett’s counts.  So thankful that they are good, Praise The Lord!

Bennett is doing good, finally got over his infections after being sick a week about two weeks ago.  His next monthly St. Louis Dr. appt is this coming Tuesday.  We hope the weather holds out, seems we have had enough ice and snow.

Sid was gone a week working storm work with snow and ice in St. Elmo and Vandalia last week.  We’re thankful our area missed the bad stuff and everyone kept power around here.  Blessed Sid made it home safely.

Bennett and Lindy are going for a four wheeler ride this afternoon.  It’s 44 degrees today, much warmer than it has been.  Bennett has been keeping busy helping with Hamilton after school, taking him to practice and his basketball games.  We’re thankful he has his driver’s license.  In the next couple weeks, on Feb. 20th, he will be celebrating his 17th birthday and 4 years in remission!  Amazing!   God has given us much to be thankful for and were very appreciative.

‘It was your own eyes that saw all these great things the Lord has done.”  Deuternomy 11:7

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