November 30th update

Bennett went to the Dr. today and he saw a MD in his pediatrician office. We hadn’t been there in awhile.  We’ve been going to a local PA the last several months.  The Dr. thought he had a sinus infection and prescribed augment-in for 10 days.  He said his throat looked a little red with a few bumps.  He has had bad sinus headaches and his cheek bones under his eyes hurt to the touch where your sinuses are.  He didn’t have a temp this morning so he went to school.

I reminded the Dr. about Bennett’s leukemia and since he just stopped treatment 4 months ago, he wanted a CBC done to check his counts to make sure the leukemia hadn’t returned.  He asked how his leukemia was caught and it was the retired pediatrician from his office that ordered blood work immediately and caught it.   The Dr. wanted his blood counts checked since the highest recurrence of  leuekemia  is in the first 6 to 12 months after treatment.    Even though I know all this information, it’s scary to be at that moment and hear it.   All the way to the hospital for blood work, I’m praying, Please let Bennett’s blood work  be good, please keep him in remission forever.

I hated the coincidence  that the pediatrician office that caught the leukemia is asking for blood work after 3 years 9 months later and could it possible.

Thank you God for answered prayers, his counts were Great! 

His WBC were 8.0 from 5.6.   His neutrophils were 62 from 56 with an ANC of 4,880 from 3,080 two weeks ago.  His WBC is good and is the highest it’s been, this could because of the infection as his WBC is normally in the 3 or 4’s recently.  His hemoglobin was 13.7 from 14.0 and platelets at 174 from 167.

 You never stop fearing the worse and you’re always so thankful that you’ve been blessed with another good blood count report.  I’m praising God that Bennett’s illness is probably just a sinus infection and the Dr. is very cautious.  If I don’t say it enough, everyone needs to be thankful for their health, And hug a healthy child you know!

“I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to  you, Do not fear; I will help you.”  Isaiah 41:13 

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November 29th update

Bennett is sick again, he started feeling worse Sunday night, Exactly two weeks ago he was sick with the similar symptoms.  He took 5 days of the z pack which lasts 10 days. Seems odd that he is sick so soon. His throat is scratchy and he’s all stopped up.   He had 99.7 temp tonight with chills. He is having trouble breathing through his nose. He is going to the Dr. tomorrow.  He did the neti-pot tonight and he was too stopped up.

With his counts lower than a normal person this can be expected but just didn’t expect it so soon. We pray it doesn’t turn into anything worse and that he will feel better soon.

God bless you and your family, Hope all is well.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful and blessed with the miracles and love that God has given us.  We ask God to be with the children and families that are spending Thanksgiving in the hospital fighting for their life!  If you and your family have good health, Be thankful!  Nothing else matters…

“Give Thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

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6 point buck!

The boys went back out hunting tonight and Bennett got another deer!   He got a 6 point buck!  When he shot it, it ran towards him and he shot again, dropping a few feet away from him in his ground blind.       

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November 21st update

Bennett got over his cold after a few days which were very thankful.  He finished his antibiotic on Friday.  We went camping and deer hunting for the last 3 days at my Dad and Mom’s pond.  Bennett got the only deer opening day;  early Friday morning he got a doe.  Hamilton and Sid shot at a few but never could make contact.  It was an adventurous time but we had fun too.

We ask for prayers to all the families that are suffering either with an illness, loss of a loved one,  or broken heart.  It seems we have had lots of sickness and death in our area with people in our community.  SLCH has had 4 children to pass away in the last week too.  We ask God to comfort and carry these loved ones through these difficult times.    May God’s grace reign over us.

We always count our blessings daily and I ask that you do the same.  Do not frat or worry about things that don’t matter.  In the big picture of life, y0ur family is the most important , be thankful that you have them and appreciate/show them.

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November 16th update

On Sunday evening, Bennett started getting sick with a 100.7  temp, sore throat, ear and head aches.  He woke Monday morning with a temp still and felt like he had been run over by a semi truck so he didn’t go to school.  I took him to the Dr. and his throat was really red so she did a strep test and it came back negative.  She went ahead and sent the test off for cultures to make sure. He didn’t have an ear infection but did have some fluid.  She prescribed him the z-pack.

Today, was his Dr. appt in St. Louis.  It went well.  The Dr. said his throat still looked red but the z-pack should take care of it.  I asked her if he had an infection since his counts were a little higher and she said no, if he had an infection they would be even higher.  She actually thought he may just have a virus.

 He had his monthly breathing treatment, we think he will only have to do that one more month!  She thought his counts looked Great.   He weighed 159 lbs.  WOW!   With him not doing any sports and him eating well,  he’s putting on the pounds, he looks good!  We will continue to go monthly to St. Louis until July 2011 and than we will switch to every 3 months. 

Thank you for checking in.  We pray that God continues to bless Bennett keeping him in remission forever.  It’s our prayer every day!  We ask God to be with all the families affected by cancer, we pray for our cure!

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November 14th update

It’s that time again for blood work.  Bennett’s ANC today is 3,080!  The best it’s been in the five months since he stopped treatment!  Amen!  His WBC were awesome at 5.5 from 4.9 and neutrophils were 56 from 47!  His hemoglobin is 14.0 from 14.5 and platelets are 167 from 176; pretty much the same.  We’re so thankful and blessed that his counts are great!  The higher WBC helps fight off infection too with the flu bug going around and starting winter colds!  We pray he stays healthy and continues to do well!    We go Tuesday for Bennett’ s monthly check up with the Dr. in St. Louis.

Last weekend Sid and the boys went bow hunting by Elizabethtown and stayed in a tent.  They saw several deer but no good shots. Sid said Hamilton shot three times but really wasn’t close enough to be shooting.  They are learning, this is their first season bow hunting.  Below is a pic of their home stead.  

The boys went duck hunting this weekend.  Bennett took Hamilton for youth season.   I don’t think they saw any.  He went Saturday early morning with a friend and they both got one each!    Sid and I were gone to a Fighting Illini basketball game and stayed the night in Champaign for Sid’s birthday.  I was thinking back and this is the first time since Bennett got sick almost 4 years ago that we both stayed a night away from the boys.  I feel so fortunate and blessed to finally be in this stage of his journey to feel safe.  Glory be to God!  

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Blessings to a friend

We ask for a special prayer request for our friend Jeremy and his Mom Annette. They just found out that his leukemia is back after just finishing treatment couple months ago. We got to know them because Jeremy was diagnosed two months after Bennett with the same leukemia. We became on the same inpatient treatment schedule therefore seeing them quite often. I am so sorry and my heart aches for this family. May God bless them with strength, patience and faith.

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The Duck Hunter

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