October 21st update

Bennett had a good Dr. appt on Tuesday. It went well, his Dr. thought he looked good and said his counts were good. I asked her what is a normal white blood count. She indicated from 4.0 to 10.0 and said it could take 6 months to a year for his bone marrow to produce that high of WBC. She also indicated that platelets usually take even longer to grow and could be up to 2 years for them to be higher. I was really glad to have this conversation with her so we know what to expect.

He had the preventive breathing treatment and will continue to do this until December or January. The Dr. said she wants to see Bennett on a monthly basis and keep checking his counts monthly for at least a year after his treatment stopped so that will be until July 2011. than he’s appts would go to every 2 months for awhile… and than to 3 months…. They will follow him and he will continue to go back for 5 years which will be in 2015 and he’ll be 20 years old. WOW!

We pray Bennett stays in good health and in remission the rest of his life! God is Good and he blessings us daily!

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October 17th update

Bennett’s ANC today is 2,303 from 1,855 a month ago! So Happy & relieved it went back up. Not that it fell extremely low or anything but a decrease with no explanation is just plain scary. His WBC are 4.9 from 3.5 ! Really good! Hemoglobin went up to 14.5 from 14.0 and platelets are 176 from 157. All counts went back up to where they were two months ago which is much better.

He is doing good. His cough is better too. He is really enjoying the beautiful weather. He bow hunted once or twice this week and saw a few but was too far away. He was in a trap shoot tourney with the school on Saturday at Rend Lake College. For the first time he has done it, he did pretty well. He said it liked it.

We go Tuesday for his monthly check up in St. Louis. We expect all to go well! Besides the check up, he will have the breathing treatment to complete.

We’re thankful for all our blessings and very thankful Bennett’s counts are Good! May God bless you & your family!

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Best Buddies

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October 10th update

Bennett is doing good, he does have a cold or allergies acting up. He sneezes alot with a cough and all that fun stuff again. He has been busy bow hunting every free minute & especially on weekends. This weekend, it was youth season for Hamilton so we went hunting & camping at my Mom & Dad’s but he didn’t see anything. Bennett went bow hunting and saw a doe but it wasn’t close enough. Him & Gus had a great time riding around on the four wheeler though.

We went to Hunting & fishing days at John A Logan two weekends ago on Hamilton’s 11th birthday. The boys liked it and Hamilton caught the fish in the picture there.

Bennett has his monthly appt in St. Louis next Tuesday and we’ll check counts again. I hope his ANC is better, last time it had dropped and we don’t have chemo as the reason. I think I will always fear that anyday are life could change again. It gets to a point that it’s hard to enjoy life because of worrying so much. I pray that I could turn all my worries and fears over to God. I pray that he comforts any doubts we have of Bennett’s remission.

As always we pray for all the children fighting, in the hospital, and for the families that their loved one is now an angel with God.

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