September 2nd update

Today was a special day!  Bennett got his driver’s license TODAY!  He has waited patiently for 6 months since his 16th birthday in February for this day.  I know he is was really excited.  Him and Sid got to the driver’s license place one hour before they opened so he was sure to be the first in line and he was. Before they opened there were about 10 other kids waiting to get their driver’s license too. 

We pray God protects him and keeps him safe while driving!

Posted by Cindy on September 2nd, 2010 in Updates | 2 Comments

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  1. Aunt Annette said on September 3rd, 2010: 7:37 am

    Okay Mr. BIG STUFF! Congratulations and Enjoy!!

  2. Brenda Logan said on September 3rd, 2010: 8:19 am

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!! Is that your truck to drive? I hope you are a better driver than Dalton. He will ride on his little 4-wheeler, turn to look at us, and drive right into Kurt’s truck or a tree. At least we have 11 years to work on that. I think I will start with learning to write his name. :) Be careful…….and be safe. There are some crazy drivers out there especially around St. Louis it seems.
    Kurt, Brenda, Dalton, and Madison

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