Homecoming 2010

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September 22nd update

Bennett’s appt went well yesterday. Nothing new which is Great!  He saw the Dr. and than had the preventive pneumonia breathing treatment.  He will continue with that treatment until December or January.  He weighed 154, WOW!   What a blessing to be able to gain weight, he is really enjoying food these days.

Hamilton has a little cough now and sore throat.  He is taking some cough medicine, we hope he feels better soon as his birthday is this weekend.

Hope all is well with everyone and their family.  With God as your Savior, anything is possible.  Just Believe.

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September 20th update

It’s that time again already for Bennett’s monthly blood test to check counts.  His ANC is 1,855 from 2,300 a month ago.  His WBC dropped to 3.5 from 4.6 and neutrophils are 53 from 50.  I’m assuming his ANC dropped a little possibly because of him having a cough/cold.  His hemoglobin is great at 14.0 from 14.5 and platelets are 157 from 170. 

He hasn’t coughed in several days and we believe for the most part his cold is gone.  He mostly just had a cough and believe it might of been just allergies.

Bennett has his monthly Dr. appt tomorrow in St. Louis.  Sid will be taking him. I am so thankful that we are finally in a place in Bennett’s treatment/journey that I don’t feel like it’s necessary to go.  This is really an accomplishment & a blessing that he no longer needs me. 

He has been doing some goose hunting but hasn’t shot anything yet.  he really likes to watch them fly around.  Him & Lindy have been busy going here and going there. He really loves having his Dr. license. So far, he likes to do errands for us too.  Homecoming is this weekend so they actually can go on an official date.

Hamilton just finished his baseball season.  His team was undefeated and they won the ALS Benefit tournament in Marion two weekends ago.  He has two more weekends of Jr. football. 

We’re thankful for our continued blessings and praising God for them!

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September 9th update

Bennett has had a cold for the last several days.  He has had a cough and sore throat for a few days off and on.  There has been a few times that we thought he had a fever because his body was pretty warm but we took it and it was normal.      He started taking vitamin C twice a day, we hope that helps.  I asked him if he needed to go to the Dr. and so far he says no.  We pray it goes away soon and doesn’t turn into anything worse.

Bennett has been doing good in school. So far he likes it okay.  He is taking French and now can count to five in French.  He has had his license for a week and all is good.  We pray for his safety.  It’s been helpful for him to do my Walmart shopping. 

Sid has been fighting a cold too.  Hamilton is doing good enjoying being in Jr. High as a big 5th grader.  He has about two more weeks of baseball and about a month of football.   Lindy is doing good. She is going to Rend Lake College and decided not to play basketball.  She’s going to Homecoming with Bennett in couple weeks.    

We continue to Thank God for all his blessings, we have many!  We’re so thankful Bennett is doing good and pray for his continued remission.

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September 2nd update

Today was a special day!  Bennett got his driver’s license TODAY!  He has waited patiently for 6 months since his 16th birthday in February for this day.  I know he is was really excited.  Him and Sid got to the driver’s license place one hour before they opened so he was sure to be the first in line and he was. Before they opened there were about 10 other kids waiting to get their driver’s license too. 

We pray God protects him and keeps him safe while driving!

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