August 2nd update

Things are giong Great!  Bennett is doing good an enjoying his last few weeks of summer.  School will start August 19th for him. He will be a sophomore.  He is anxiously waiting his license which he will get on Sept. 3rd.  He had to wait 9 months after getting his permit which he got on December 3rd.  He had thought the 9 months would be up in August but his going to have to wait another month.

We heard from St. Louis today and his IGG levels were good last week. They were a little low but not low enough to continue the infusion of immune globulin monthly.  His Dr. was good with his last infusion at his appt last week.  There was some confusion on getting his port a cath out and today his primary oncology Dr. agreed that it was okay to go ahead and take it out.

 Normally they like to wait for 6 months to make sure the leukemia will not return but his Dr. was okay of getting out before school.  This is good news!  This also means that when he has a fever, we will not have to run to the emergency room.  They won’t have to do cultures because that was to check for infection in the line in his port.  His surgery to remove the port will be August 17th.    It will take an hour to take out and is an outpatient surgery at SLCH.   We’re so thankful to be at this part of his recovery stage!

Lindy is doing well and feels a lot better. She is finishing her summer class at Rend Lake and will be starting fall classes soon.  She hopes to play basketball for the warriors when their season begins. 

Hamilton is doing great! His first football game is next Saturday at the St. Louis Rams game during half time.  The boys did this in January and really like the excitement of playing at the Edward Jones Dome.   They just had a BBQ fundraiser for this event & Hamilton sold the most tickets!  He sold 81 of them, he really worked at it and was excited to win! 

Hamilton will be in 5th grade!  He starts Aug. 23rd.   I can’t believe it, when Bennett’s journey began, Hamilton was only in 1st grade. they both have changed so much and have grown into young boys and young men. Hamilton now is almost 5’0 and weighs 95 pounds.  He doesn’t have that boyish face anymore it’s hard to believe how quick they grow up.   The boys continue to be best friends and love to do things together (when their not fighting – LOL).

Hope all is well with you and your family!

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  1. Mary Ann said on August 2nd, 2010: 7:39 pm

    So wonderful to get such good news. It is great to hear things are now being removed instead of put in Bennett. I know he will be glad to get this out. Sounds like things are going good for all 3 of the kids. Not much summer left but they can enjoy it.

  2. Brenda Logan said on August 7th, 2010: 11:39 am

    I am so glad that you are getting the port out. That is one more thing you don’t have to worry about.Are you actually playing football this year? Good luck at school.
    Kurt, Brenda, Dalton, and Madison

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