August 24th update

Bennett’s monthly appt in St. Louis went well. He weighed 152. You can tell he is not playing any sports right now as he has put on 5 to 10 pounds which is really okay. He looks really good and healthy. He saw the main oncologist Dr. today and she said everything was good. She was pleased with his counts. He had the preventive breathing treatment and will have to continue that monthly until the end of the year.

We’re so blessed and thankful that he is continuing to do well and no hidden side effects have surfaced!    Thank you for your continued prayers of complete remission for Bennett!  Amen!

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August 22nd update

Bennett’s ANC is 2,300 from 2,352 a month ago.  His WBC went up to 4.6 from 4.2 but neutrophils went down to 50 from 57. Pretty close to being the same this time. His hemoglobin went up to 14.5 from 13.9 and platelets at 170 from 161.  It seems his platelets haven’t rebounded yet from all the chemo, that is in normal range but normally would be more in the 200’s.  The Dr. has said that it could take 6 months for his counts to come back.  Actually these are all really good and are in range but most people they the ANC and platelets are a little higher.

His monthly follow up St. Louis appt is this Tuesday. It will be one of the shortest appts he has ever had since he doesn’t have to have the infusion of immune globulin that usually takes 2 to 3 hours. He will have to have a check up to the Dr. and also the preventive breathing treatment so it will be a 2 to 3 hour appt.

He is doing good.  He started school last Thursday.  He’s not being doing to much, him and Lindy keep busy going places and mostly hanging out at home or with family which is nice.  Lindy started college about a week ago.  I think she has decided against playing basketball, her side has been bothering her.

Hamilton starts school tomorrow.  He is in 5th grade, starting “Jr. High”.    It’s unbelievable how mature he is and has grown an inch or two.  His football team played their first game yesterday at Vienna against Carterville, and we won!  Hamilton plays offense and defense and made a few catches and gained about 35 yards.  His first baseball game is tomorrow night, he missed the first game because of having the flu.  He has a busy week, 3 baseball games, 2 football practices, and two football games.   He really loves it!

We’re so thankful for all our blessings. We pray for all the children going through treatments or finished and pray that they are healed forever!

Hamilton PAGE #7

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August 17th update

Amen!  Bennett had his port-a-cath removed today!  It was glorious day that we are so thankful for!  Bennett, Lindy, and I  left at 4:15 this morning and surgery was scheduled at 7:30 a.m.  Everything went well. He was sedated during the surgery, they made on small incision in his chest and pulled out the port.  His chest is sore but he’s doing Great!   He can’t take a shower for two days and no physical activity for a week.

We’re thanking God for this amazing ending to his long journey.  He was diagnosed on Feb. 20th, 2007 and had the port inserted two days later on Feb. 22, 2007  and began chemo the following day.    This port has been part of his body for 3 1/2 years and never had an infection in it or it never stopped working!  We’re so thankful! Bennett wanted it but hospital policy would not let him have it or see it.   He wanted to frame it or hang it from his rear view mirror in his truck! LOL

He is going to keep his wrist bands from the hospital. I told him that this better be his last hospital ID bands EVER! He has so many with all his procedures, surgeries and hospital stays so it’s such a miracle and blessing that today was the last one!

Bennett had a follow up Dr. appt yesterday with orthopedic about his elbow.  He confirmed the nerve study showed no nerve damage.  He said that an MRI wouldn’t show anything wrong since he did the nerve study.  He felt like it was extremely bruised.  He asked if we wanted to try a cortisone shot and see if that helped so we agreed and he got a shot in his elbow yesterday.  It was really sore and swollen last night.  This is supposed to help with any inflammation & is a one time thing.  He did want to see him again in a month so we will see how it is than.  With all the chemo his body has had, it may just take longer for this heal. We check counts this weekend and his monthly Stl clinic appt is next Tuesday.

Hamilton woke up Monday morning with the flu.  He ran a low grade fever, vomiting, and a severe headache.  He has stayed in bed the last two days.  He is feeling a little better today and has started eating a little this evening.

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” John 15:7

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August 5th update

Bennett had a follow appt yesterday with the orthopedic Dr. in Mt. Vernon about his elbow.  He decided we would go ahead with the nerve study on Bennett’s arm and hand to see if a nerve is damaged.  They were able to get him in this afternoon to have the nerve study.  It was really neat and unbelievable of how they can detect the nerves.

They used like a tazer tool with two prongs on the end to shock Bennett’s nerves and than would record it on a computer with the electrode patches on his arm.  They also used a long needle into his skin to record the nerves in his muscles and did that several times in each arm.   He did good through the process.  He would jump at times because some of the shock was harder than others.  I was thankful the Dr. that did the study went ahead and told us that his nerves looked good, none of them have been damaged.  Amen!  I was afraid he may have to have surgery on a nerve but that doesn’t look like it will be needed!    The nerves could be really irritated so we will find out more when we see his main ortho Dr. on Monday. 

Bennett’s arm was really sore and especially his elbow was bothering him tonight.  When his elbow and surrounding area is touched, it bothers him.  This seems very strange and I’m not sure what are other options are.  We had been waiting 3 months to find out what’s wrong with it and so far we don’t know.  Please pray it will heal soon.

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August 2nd update

Things are giong Great!  Bennett is doing good an enjoying his last few weeks of summer.  School will start August 19th for him. He will be a sophomore.  He is anxiously waiting his license which he will get on Sept. 3rd.  He had to wait 9 months after getting his permit which he got on December 3rd.  He had thought the 9 months would be up in August but his going to have to wait another month.

We heard from St. Louis today and his IGG levels were good last week. They were a little low but not low enough to continue the infusion of immune globulin monthly.  His Dr. was good with his last infusion at his appt last week.  There was some confusion on getting his port a cath out and today his primary oncology Dr. agreed that it was okay to go ahead and take it out.

 Normally they like to wait for 6 months to make sure the leukemia will not return but his Dr. was okay of getting out before school.  This is good news!  This also means that when he has a fever, we will not have to run to the emergency room.  They won’t have to do cultures because that was to check for infection in the line in his port.  His surgery to remove the port will be August 17th.    It will take an hour to take out and is an outpatient surgery at SLCH.   We’re so thankful to be at this part of his recovery stage!

Lindy is doing well and feels a lot better. She is finishing her summer class at Rend Lake and will be starting fall classes soon.  She hopes to play basketball for the warriors when their season begins. 

Hamilton is doing great! His first football game is next Saturday at the St. Louis Rams game during half time.  The boys did this in January and really like the excitement of playing at the Edward Jones Dome.   They just had a BBQ fundraiser for this event & Hamilton sold the most tickets!  He sold 81 of them, he really worked at it and was excited to win! 

Hamilton will be in 5th grade!  He starts Aug. 23rd.   I can’t believe it, when Bennett’s journey began, Hamilton was only in 1st grade. they both have changed so much and have grown into young boys and young men. Hamilton now is almost 5’0 and weighs 95 pounds.  He doesn’t have that boyish face anymore it’s hard to believe how quick they grow up.   The boys continue to be best friends and love to do things together (when their not fighting – LOL).

Hope all is well with you and your family!

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