July 28th update

Bennett’s appt. went well yesterday.   He finished his last infusion of the immune globulin, she checked his levels yesterday and unless they were really low she thought she would stop the infusion.  We didn’t get those levels before we left so we are unsure of how they were.  He had the breathing treatment and he has 5 more months of continuing with that.   She indicated that he could start weaning off the gabapentin pills that he takes twice a day that is supposed to help with the side effects from the chemo vincristine so he should be finished with taking those in about 2 weeks.

His Dr. indicated that we would need to continue checking his counts by CBC testing but she did not want the CMP which is the complete metabolic panel.  She thought we would continue our monthly Dr. examinations for a year and than we would go every other month for six months and than continue to taper off.  She asked how he felt not taking any chemo and Bennett indicated no changes and I would agree. We haven’t seen any energy changes yet and he felt so good the last few months that he feels the same.

The Dr. said that no she was not going to do a bone marrow biopsy. She said they only do that if they see any changes or reasons that would indicate that the leukemia was in the bone marrow, she does not except that with Bennett so no need to check!  Really good news!  Amen!

We’re so thankful for a good report and that Bennett is doing so well!

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July 25th update

Bennett’s ANC is 2,352 from 1,224 a month ago.  His WBC were 4.2 from 1.8 with 3 weeks of no chemo pills.  His neturophils were 56 from 65.  Hemoglobin is 13.9  from 12.5 which is normal range and platelets are 161 from 174.  His liver levels were the lowest in a very long time and in normal range.  The kidney level which is the bun/creat was high at 15.71 from 18.57 a month ago so hopefully it will continue to go down.

He said his elbow was really bothering him on Saturday and he took some tylenol to help relieve it.  He says it always bothers him but was painful that day.  He has been feeling well other than that.

Hamilton’s summer baseball team ended their season this weekend, we lost in the region tourney.

We have a few questions to ask Bennett’ s Dr. on Tuesday on how low he will take a few side effects pills. Also, at one time I thought they said they would do a bone marrow biospy when he completed treatment but nothing has been said recently.

Thank you for all your prayers.   May God bless Bennett with remission forever and that he won’t have any side effects problems from all the chemo he has taken.

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God’s Angels

We have had so many children that we have met in the last 3 1/2 years.  Some are still fighting their disease, some are finished and are healthy and others won the fight and our angels in heaven.  I have been thinking about lately about all the friends and their families especially those children that are angels in God’s glorious raptures.  I want to extend a prayer to all the families that have lost their precious child to such a horrible disease and they didn’t have any control of the outcome.  May God strenghten these families and may their lives and testimony bring us all closer to the Lord Jesus.

  I could name numbers, and I could name names and they would add up to tens, to twenties, and thirty children that are now God’s angels that we have seen or known from SLCH.   I ask that every parent will appreciate their children Today and for Who they Are because tomorrow may never come.   Just think or pray before you get mad, disappointed, aggravated or yell at your child or any child;  because in a matter of seconds YOU could be faced with a life threatening situation and there is no turning back your actions or words….

“Therefore God also has highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ in Lord to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:9-11

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July 22nd update

Bennett is doing Great!  His energy level seems about the same.  It probably will take awhile for his counts to normalize and his body not to have any traces of chemo in it.  Or he could be just having a lazy summer which he really needs.    He goes to weight lifting 3 days a week. 

 He is taking about 4 pills twice a day which are for side effects and calcium, vitamin C, and milk thistle supplements.     I started him on milk thistle twice a day which is a herbal supplement that supports a healthy liver.   He had so many high liver levels through out the years that I figured it couldn’t hurt.  His Dr. wanted him to wait to start taking until after treatment.

He went to the orthopedic Dr. last week for his elbow.  Dr. wanted to give him a cortisone shot but after realizing he was a leukemia patient, he decided he would wait.  He is supposed to go back in a month and he may give him the shot than and also do a nerve study if his elbow is still bothering him.  It’s not a nagging pain but it’s still there, sometimes better than others.

Lindy is doing well after her gall bladder surgery three weeks ago.  She is able not to eat more foods but is still watching what she eats.  Her and Bennett are into playing mario which is probably good since it’s so hot outside.

Hamilton is doing great.  He has had his cast off a  month last Friday and had a follow up appt with the orthopendic Dr. in St. Louis.  She x-rayed his leg again and it looked great. You barely now can even see the scar tissue of where he broke it.  He finishes his sixth week of therapy next week.  We don’t expect he will need anymore. He has come along way in just the last week or so.  He was limping but that has improved.  He has been playing baseball and football for about 3 weeks.  

We will check Bennett’s counts this weekend and his first “no chemo” appt is Tuesday.  Many people have asked, how does it feel with him not taking chemo anymore?   Honestly “scary” but I try not to think about it and just pray everyday that God will bless Bennett with keeeping him in remission forever!

“Then he arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.  Mark 4:39

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July 13th update

All is well and we are praising the Lord!

I haven’t decided if I need to keep up with Bennett’s site any longer. It would be nice to have a break and I know he would appreciate a little more privacy in his day to day actions or happenings.

We want to Thank all of you prayer warriors that have been so dedicated in following this site and Bennett’s journey.  There were times I know that it wasn’t easy or fun to be a part of all the sickness and dramatic adventures that we endured.  There were many sad times but I can honestly say there were more happier ones.

We ask you to continue to pray for Bennett that the leukemia will not return.  We ask for prayer for all the families that have lost their precious children to this horrible disease. Also to the children and their families that are fighting their own journey of survival.

God has blessed us and we are so richly thankful and over joyed.  We pray that God continues to give Bennett good reports.  We will continue to go to St. Louis monthly for a Dr. visit and I will update each time of how things went.  His next appt is July 27th. 

Again, Thank you for being a special part of our life.  We appreciate your prayers, love and support!     May God bless you!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”   Philippians 4:13

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July 7th update

Bennett is doing good.  He left this morning for McKendree basketball camp in Lebanon IL and will be gone until Friday.  He said that they have won 2 and lost 1 so far today.  Last year, he wasn’t able to play during the summer because of his fractured ankle. The summer before that, he didn’t get to play because of the other ankle problems and was on crutches than too.  We’re thankful he hasn’t had any other broken bones or problems.  We pray that his bones continue to strengthen and will continue to be better with not taking steroids anymore.  He has taken steroids for 3 1/2 years and they cause many side effects and are not good for your body.  It’s part of his treatment and was definitely needed.

Lindy had her surgery yesterday and got to come home in the afternoon.  She is in pain and not feeling well.  It hurts to lay down so she has to sleep sitting up.  We pray they pain goes away soon and she recovers quickly.

Hamilton is doing good. He played a double header last night in Murhphysboro. We lost by 1 first game and lost by 5 second game. We play them again at home on Sunday and  believe it will be a different game.  He had practice tonight and is doing about the same.  It’s just going to take awhile for his ankle to limber up and him walk/run normal. He is managing and actually last night got a double but he doesn’t run as fast as he wants can so he’s adjusting.  He plays again tomorrow night in Carmi.

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July 5th update

Happy 4th of July!  Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend!   This holiday will now always have a different meaning to our family.  Hopefully you all have something that your free of and thankful for that freedom.  So far, it’s not really sunk  in yet.  I asked Bennett if he wanted to throw all his extra chemo and steroid pills over board?,  We haven’t done that yet but I think we may have to come up with something.   He reminded me of this awful yellow liquid medicine that he used to take when the pentamadine breathing treatment medicine was all gone.  He said he would love to burn that but I think it went bad and I threw it away a long time ago.

 He still is taking the gabapentin pills to help with side effects from the vincristine. Maybe next month, the Dr. will be ready to start tampering those off.   He also takes vitamin C and calcium supplements twice a day which we will keep doing for awhile so he still has medicine to take morning and night.

Hamilton played his first all star game tonight for the summer season.  He was SO happy and so was his family.  It’s alot more than just the game, it’s him getting to this point to actually be able to play after these long couple of months.  It’s been two weeks since he has had his cast off,  he had this game date as a goal to reach to play by and he did it.  He practiced with the team last week too.     He still has a limp but it doesn’t hurt.   He has several more weeks of therapy to finish.

Lindy has her gall bladder surgery in the morning at 8:30 at Herrin.     It is an out patient surgery so we pray everything goes well and she can come home. She has been feeling bad with this for so long that it’s almost scary or a relief that it’s finally here.  She will have to be out of playing any sports for four weeks.  She plans on playing basketball for Rend Lake College.

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support!

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July 2nd update

1 day and 7 more steroid pills and 4 more chemo pills than Bennett has completed his chemotherapy treatment!  3 1/2 years is a long time to get over a sickness but it was well worth it and so far the ending is absolutely magnificent!

We are going to spend the weekend in Memphis celebrating this awesome accomplishment!  It’s been a family victory!  It’s really hard to believe and comprehend,  it’s a miracle from God!

We’re so thankful Bennett is feeling good and can enjoy the ending to a new beginning……. 

On July 4th, America celebrates our countries freedom,

 On July 3th, the Page family will be celebrating Bennett’s freedom, Free of chemo!

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