Memorial Day

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Today is a day to take a day, In rememberance of all the fallen soldiers that fought and died for our freedom. We thank them and ask for blessings and prayers to their family. We Thank and appreciate all of our current military today! My brother Brian has served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force and is Chief Master Seargent now stationed at Scott Air Force Base in Shiloh, IL.

We also want to remember all of our family and friends that are now in heaven. We have so many friends from St Louis Children’s Hospital that are now one of God’s angels. We miss them dearly, they all were very special to us ! These kids have no more hospital visits, no more chemo and no more pain but their family continue to grieve. We pray for their family and ask God to continue to bless them.

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May 31st update

Ham with bass

Bennett’s ANC today is 2,400 with 3.0 WBC and 80 neutrophils!!! Very good! I’m glad it’s good going into his spinal tap, sometimes after it, his counts will drop because of the methotrexate chemo injected into his spine during the procedure. Hemoglobin is 13.2 and platelets at 144! So all is good. Amen!

We had a good weekend working outside around the house every day. We got a lot done. It’s amazing how things really get dirty during the winter. We’re thankful to have a such beautiful weather. The boys enjoyed swimming together. Bennett was a big help carrying and moving things.

We miss our hard worker Hamilton, he was limited on what he could do. He surprised me though this morning when he got on the four wheeler, hooked up the wagon and sayed he was going to pick up sticks. He had one crutch and was hobbling on his good leg. He now is using a cane and just started tonight walking on his cast. Oh yeah, He also rode his bicycle today, I don’t know how but he did so his muscles and ligaments are getting pretty limber in that leg and knee. He did say his ankle is sore when he walks on it.

Hamilton was the only one to catch a fish lastnight, they wanted to catch some cat fish but no takers. Hamilton did catch a 3 lb bass which is in the picture above.

We pray for a good appt. tomorrow and that Bennett doesn’t have to endure any side effects from his last spinal tap! We pray his elbow improves, were hoping the oncology Dr. knows a little about this ulnar nerve and can give us some insight.

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May 30th update

Bennett is doing good. His elbow is the same.  He just keeps on going like it doesn’t bother him. It feels alot worse when he touches it.  The chiropractor asked to do a MRI since it’s not any better.  I’m not sure what to do.  I’ll ask his oncology Dr. at our appt Tuesday and see what she thinks. Since the ortho specialist said to leave it alone and see how it does in the next three months, it’s hard to know if doing an MRI is the right decision. We pray for God to give us guidance with the right decision

We will check counts tomorrow and than he has his last spinal tap on Tuesday.   We pray he has no side effects and doesn’t get sick with this one.

He is missing Lindy, she left Saturday for a family vacation for a week.  We miss having her around.   We are enjoying the one on one time with Bennett.  The boys went to DuQuoin last night to the mud truck races and tonight went cat fishing. 
Hamilton got his pink cast off Friday.  His ankle looked swollen and bruised.  The leg looked good.  They took x-rays and his leg is healing well.  they had to really work with him putting on his new cast.  he was afraid to bend his knee at first and than it was painful the way they needed to move and position his leg/foot for the new cast.  He really didn’t like it.  He picked out a blue cast this time and it’s below his knee.  He now can bend his knee and loves it.  He got a shoe to put on his cast to wear.  He will eventually be able to walk on this cast and get rid of the crutches.  Right now,  he is not ready to put weight on the foot and walk.  

We had a great afternoon at Dave and Buster’s. Hamilton loves to play the games and so does Sid too.  Ham won on the first try on the crane game with a big stuffed animal, he was really excited.    His ankle has been his biggest complaint.  Yesterday it really hurt and I gave him some tylenol which seemed to help.  His baseball team had a double header yesterday and he only made it through the first game.  He was hot, tired, and sore.

Ham said, Friday night when he got in the pool for the first time that it was just heavenly. He took his first bath this morning before church. His cast is made out of gortex and is waterproof. Your encouraged to even wash the cast with soap and water. The water from the cast will drain in the opening around his foot. And than it can air dry through out the cast, pretty neat!

Ham with his cast off.

Ham with his cast off.

Ham with new cast!

Ham with new cast!

Ham @ Dave N Buster's!

Ham @ Dave N Buster's!

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May 26th update

Bennett and I went to the ortho specialist this morning.  We had some good news and bad news.  The good news is that he doesn’t think the nerve is pinched or is in major harm because Bennett still can feel and use his hand/fingers.  The bad news is there is nothing to do with it.  “time” is hopefully the cure.  He said he was young and didn’t want to rush into things that the nerve should heal on it’s own but will take a long time.  

Dr. said in 3 months if it is still bothering him than he would do the nerve study.  He wants to see him in 6 weeks or sooner if he gets worse.  He indicated that he wanted for him to try to not take any pain medicine because he basically didn’t think it really would help?  We also asked about going to the chiropractor and he said that nothing really can improve that nerve?  He said that if it really felt better that he can go if he wants. Bennett said so far, it’s been helping mildly.  Bennett went today and did different exercises with him, I would think that would help?  We will see, we thought we would finish out this week and just see about next week.  

He had two mustang in house girls game to umpire tonight.  The first game was called because of lightening after 4 innings. The second game they started it but was poured on and called.

Hamilton had his last day of school.  His in house team had a game tonight and he hung out in the dugout but it was called because of lightening too.  Hamilton is looking forward to his Dr. appt Friday. He said, “Maybe they will let me go directly into the boot instead of another cast, it’s probably already healed good enough.”   He is so anxious and bored with his new life style.     We hope to have time to do something special with him after the Dr.    It seemed to help Bennett’s Dr. appts and trips to St. Louis when we could.

Thank you for prayers, love and support!

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May 25th update

Bennett is doing the same regarding his elbow. he manages to just go on and not let it stop from him from doing things. We go in the morning to the ortho specialist in Mt Vernon that specializes in the arm. We pray for the Dr. wisdom and hope we find out how we can help this. He still has been going to the chiropractor almost daily. Since the acupuncture, his elbow is now bruised and is so tender to the touch. The person now at the chiropractor can’t run the ultra sound directly over his elbow.

He is umpiring two games tonight. This is the first girls game he has ump’d. It was Bronco all star team where we were playing Carmi. He said the coach from the Benton’s team complimented on his umpiring behind the plate.

Nanette, He is now 5′ 8″ 1/2 tall with his boots though he is 5′ 10″. When we started all this back 3 years ago, he was 5’6″ and weighed 125 pounds. He kept on thinking he would never grow. We do hope that after he stops taking chemo, he will get a growth spurt too.

I’ll never forget the time, when he weighed 101 pounds during intensive treatment, he was a bean pole. There is several pictures of him throughout treatment that he didn’t look like himself. Bennett would say the other kids going through the hospital (not oncology clinic or 9w kids) would stare at him, he would tell me that he looked like a monster. It broke my heart. I never once looked at him differently, he was always so beautiful inside and out!

His next monthly appt in St Louis is Tuesday for a spinal tap. And YES! (thx Brenda) It’s his very last one!!! I believe this makes between 35 or 40 spinal taps he has had in the last 39 months. They seem to be more difficult the more he has had, we pray this one goes well and he doesn’t have any headaches or symptoms afterwards! We’re praising God to make it to this point!

Lindy cannot get in to the specialist about her gall bladder until the end of next month.  She had decided that it doesn’t really matter what she eats that her stomach still hurts.  Sometimes though it’s worse than other times causing her to really not feel good at all.  We pray that she can bare the situation until she is able to see the specialist.

Hamilton is doing good. He didn’t go to school today because 4th grade was having their end of year field trip to bowling and to the park. I’m not sure it would be very safe with him getting on the bus with so many kids. Tomorrow is his last day of school. He is ready not to have any homework anymore. That’s a part of summer that he sure can enjoy!!

“And whatever you ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:13

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May 23rd update

Bennett is doing the same. He doesn’t say much about his elbow unless you touch it. He said just rubbing my fingers over it makes it hurt really bad just as if he had hit his funny bone really hard. We’re thankful he is staying healthy other than this.

After church today, him and Lindy went to a welcome home party for her cousin that is home from Iraq. Lindy had a nice graduation last night and party after wards at her house. Happy Graduation Lindy! She is going to go to Rend Lake College taking general studies first and than enrolling in nursing school.
She is supposed to see a specialist hopefully this week. Her test came back that her gall bladder is partially working still.

Hamilton is doing good. Sid took the boys fishing yesterday morning and caught a few. Hamilton wanted to go back last night to try for some catfish but no luck. He went to his all star double header game today. It was really hot but he managed. He wanted everyone to sign his cast since he is getting this one off in 5 days!

IMG_0427 (Small)IMG_0429 (Small)IMG_0432 (Small)

“My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

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May 21st update

Bennett is in quite a bit of pain with elbow this afternoon. He went to the chiropractor and he did acupuncture on it to help with the inflamation.  Bennett said it really hurt and made it hurt worse.  He had exams today again and Monday is the last day for exams.  He went to the St. Louis Cardinal game with Lindy and her family tonight. Cell phone pics are great, their still at the game and I have a pic of them.  His appt with the ortho Dr is Wednesday. Im very curious of what he has in mind to help Bennett with his  pain and frustration of his elbow.

Hamilton is doing good.  He is  better accumstomed to his leg and walking around on crutches.  He would run if he could.  Today at school they had the track and field event and Hamilton did not want to go.  He said it would be upsetting to watch the other kids participate and him not be able too.  He might of just wanted to get out school but I can definetely understand being upset of not being able to participate and your friends placing and receiving ribbons for their events so we didn’t make him go to school today.  Him and Sid went fishing this afternoon at Gpa/ma J. pond and caught 10 very nice crappie and blue gill.

Lindy is graduating tomorrow night from highschool.  She hasn’t been feeling well and went to the Dr. Thursday and had her gall bladder re-checked.  She hasn’t received the results yet.  Her stomach has really been bothering her and is worse when she eats certain type of foods. 

We pray that Bennett’s elbow would improve,  Hamilton’s leg to continue to heal and for Lindy’s stomach to feel better.  And that everyone else stays healthy. May God give us the wisdom and understanding to get through all the trials we may encounter. With God as our savior, we can accomplish all things; big or small.

ham fishing B N L cards game

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May 19th update

Bennett is the same. I was hoping his elbow felt better but he says its the same.  He said that it hurts/bothers him 3/4 of the time.  That might be an improvement.  He went to the chiropractor again today for treatment.  He takes 2 to 3 pain pills daily and that has really helped.

Tomorrow he has final exams at schools.  Yesterday he took his weekly dose of methotrexate chemo and is only taking about 25% of his treatment plan of 2 pills.  He is taking 100% of his treatment plan of the mercaptopurine (6mp) pills which is 3 pills each night on an empty stomach.  He only has about a month and half to go of taking all of these pills!  We pray that he never has to take any more chemo ever again.

Hamilton is doing good and went all day to school. He said yesterday that he played wheelchair basketball and it was fun.  He gets pretty squirmy in bed each night but is sleeping better, I am sure it is difficult to get in a comfortable position.  I have been sleeping with him to keep him company and help him through the night.  I believe today is the first day that he hasn’t taken any type of pain medicine.  Hope that continues and he is at a place in this healing process to be pain free.  

We keep taking each day at a time. We try to celebrate and thank God for every small step.

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May 18th update

Bennett is the same, he said his elbow bothered him today.  His Gma/pa Page took him to his chiropractor appt today and he said it went about the same with them doing the same treatment of the ultrasound and laser on his elbow and surrounding area.  He than had a dentist appt to fill a cavity.  We pray that he doesn’t encounter any problems with his mouth being worked on. 

 They say your mouth carries alot of bacteria so that was the need for him to take a strong dose of an antibiotic before his appt today and keep an infection from developing.  He umpired two baseball games tonight for 11 and 12 years old teams which takes 4 to 4 1/2 hours which is all evening.  He gets paid which he likes and will give him some extra gas money when he gets his license in August.  He iced his elbow for a little bit before bed, he says it really hurts more with the ice on it but we hope it helps the inflamation.

Hamilton had a better night with waking a few times but was able to go back to sleep.  He wanted to go to school all day today, he was a little tired and weak this afternoon but managed.  He rested up and we went to the movies tonight to see Iron Man 2 which he liked.  If you ask him how he is doing, he says not bad for someone with a broken leg.  His bright pink cast helped me find him in the dark movie theater tonight!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We pray you and your family are blessed with God’s love.

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May 17th update

Bennett’s ANC today is 1,568 from 1,690 two weeks ago. His WBC is 2.8 from 2.6 and neutrophils are 56 from 65. Hemoglobin was great at 12.7 from 12.2 and platelets are 212 from 229 so everything looked good. He has a dentist appt tomorrow to get a cavity filled and I vaguely remembered that his counts needed to be over a certain range before a dentist works in his mouth. The nurse said he also needed to take an antibiotic before his appt to prevent infection. So at the last minute tonight, Sid took him to check his counts at our local hospital and Lindy took him to get his antibiotic. We’re thankful counts are great, good news!

I took Bennett to our local chiropractor today to see if he could help his elbow pain. He indicated after his exam that Bennett has a pinch or damage ulnar nerve. When you hit your elbow and you say, you hit your funny bone, this is actually your ulnar nerve that you hit. He indicated his elbow was still swollen and that area is irritated so he needed to ice it as much as possible too. He did an ultra sound and laser treatment on his elbow. He said he would try this everyday for at least a week or so and see how it does. After reading on the inter-net, the long term resolution is surgery on that nerve and could be a 6 week process to heal. Boy, we pray this isn’t the case and other forms of treatment improves it or it just goes away over time. The nerve can heal on it’s own too. The surgery is like the Tommy John surgery after the baseball player that damaged his ulnar nerve and ligaments.

His oncology nurse did indicate today that he really did need to go to an orthopedic specialist and that they could not expedite him being seen sooner at Children’s. So for now, we will keep our appt on the 26th at the orthoclinic in Mt Vernon.  This will give it a chance to see if it’s going to improve with chiropractic treatment too.

Hamilton is doing fair. He had trouble sleeping in the middle of the night. He was in pain, couldn’t get comfortable and therefore couldn’t go back to sleep. This made it difficult to get up and get ready for school but he made it. He did go a half of day today and we hope tomorrow he can go all day if he has a good nights sleep.

Please pray for the boys that their pain goes away and their body heals. The last thing his oncology nurse told me today, was to hang in there.  She indicated she didn’t have any suggestions as they haven’t had this.    It’s unbelievable to me of why one person and one family has to endure so many situations.  Some are the strangest and craziest things that Bennett has had to deal with but we would do it ten times again to know he is in remission.      May God bless us!

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