February 28th update

Bennett is doing better.  His stomach aches went away and he finished his last pill of the z-pack today.  His nose is stopped up but he has been taking mussionex to help with that.  He still has a cough as well.

He had a good weekend. We were able to do some things that we had planned for a couple weeks and had to cancel because of his hospital stay.  Yesterday, we went shopping for baseball stuff and looking for a pair of boots for him for his birthday.  We haven’t found them yet.     Today after Sunday School, our family came over to celebrate his birthday along with my brother’s.  Him and Lindy have been hanging out.  Friday they rode dirt bikes together.  It was quite chilly.

Bennett is looking forward to sleeping in since they don’t have school tomorrow.  He has baseball tryouts at noon.  This is the last week for Hamilton’s basketball games.

Hope everyone is doing well. God Bless!

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February 26th update

Bennett is feeling better.  He didn’t take the zpack pill until after school and so ffar , his stomach hasn’t bothered him!  His sinus infection seems to be better.  He still is coughing though.  He went to school today and had early driving.  He only has one more driving session on Tuesday!!  He will be glad to have that done. Than he just will have to patiently wait until August to get his licenses!

The boys don’t have school on Monday because of Casimir Pulaski Day.  Bennett has baseball tryouts at noon.  We pray he continues to improve and he can stay healthy until spring gets here!!!

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February 25th update

Bennett is not feeling well. He didn’t go to school today.  He pushed himself to go to driving at 6:00 a.m. this morning until 7:30 because it is really difficult to make up and knew he could come home and go back to bed.  Honestly, he probably shouldn’t  be driving when he doesn’t feel well.  Last night, his stomach craps/pain were really bad and he had diahrea.  He also felt nauseated and took anti-nausea medicine.

 We talk to his Dr. this morning and she agreed that it probably was caused form the zpack.  She indicated that she feels like she is in labor when she takes the zpack.  Since Bennett is allergic to so many meds, she felt like the zpack was the best to get rid of his infection and didn’t know what else to prescribe.  Bennett decided he would try one more day/pill.  He started feeling a little better but still not good but than tonight he got sick to his stomach.    He has a congested cough and is very weak/tired.

He missed a baseball meeting after school today which I hate for him.  I so hope that he can stay healthy and enjoy his freshman baseball season.

We pray that his body gets over the sinus infection and that he doesn’t have any more side effects from the antibiotic.

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February 24th update

Bennett’s ANC today is 4,080 from 1,764 three days ago.

His WBC is 5.1 from 2.8 and neutrophils are 80 from 63.  His WBC are probably elevated because of infection.

We went to the Dr. today because Bennett and I both felt bad.

We both have a sinus infection and was running a low grade fever.

The Dr. wanted a CBC blood test to check his counts. And also a chest xray that was normal!

The Dr. prescribed us both the z-pack, we hope/pray that he gets better and it doesn’t turn into anything worse.

His St. Louis nurse thought that he should continue his nightly chemo pills but would double check and let us know if the oncology Dr. wanted something different tomorrow.

His stomach was bothering him this evening after Hamilton’s game.  Hamilton’s team played Marion and we wont by 2 points.  A really  good game!

“You are of  God, little children, and have  overcome them, because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

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February 23rd update

Bennett is doing good. He still is coughing every once in awhile so it doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse which were thankful.  He was supposed to have driving this morning but it was canceled so his next early driving is Thursday and than he has two more times left.    It is looking forward to being done.  He is enjoying his week with no practice and games.  Him and Lindy stayed after school today and worked in shop class.  They were hoping to make something but no wood was available. 

Hamilton was up Sunday night off and on with an ear ache. I took him to the Dr. yesterday and he has the beginning of an ear infection so he gave him an antibiotic.  he was feeling pretty good so he went to school in the afternoon.  Especially since he wanted to play in his basketball game that night.  They won against Eldorado and Ham played really well.

Bennett has joined facebook and is enjoying farm ville, He is kicking me off the computer right now so he can check on his crops!

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February 21st update

Bennett’s ANC is 1,764 with 2.8 WBC and 63 neutrophils from 2,100 a week ago! His counts were really great. His hemoglobin was 13.5 from 10.8 and platelets were 182 from 92. So happy to see these go up!! He must of had infection to cause those to go down last week. We’re so thankful that his bone marrow his making good new cells.

His liver levels were the best they have been in months! We’re so glad they went down to closer to the normal range for once. His bun though was extremely high at 26, normal is 0 to 15. This controls your kidneys. He needs to drink more.

Bennett had a great birthday weekend. He sent the day yesterday with Lindy going to Buffalo wild wings and to the motorcross races in DuQuoin. Hamilton had basketball games in the Carlyle tourney yesterday so we were there. We lost the first game by 4 points against Edwardsville in the last 26 seconds. We won the 2nd game against Collinsville by 9 points. They played today against Nashville and we lost by 1 point. We should of one, we missed a lot of free throws and tries underneath the basket. The refs weren’t calling anything so it was a miserable game.

We had a blast on the way home though. We saw thousands and thousands of geese. We saw them yesterday and couldn’t believe it and wished Bennett was with us to see all of them. I prayed this morning in church (kinda selfish, I know) that they would be there today so Bennett could see them. There was even more. We guessed about ten thousand snows and blues. We went down a really muddy road and almost got stuck. We just stopped the car; listened to them, and watched them fly for 30 minutes. Bennett & Hamilton were in heaven! We stopped by Monicals in Centralia which Bennett really likes.

Bennett read the scripture this morning in church service. He did really good. He remembered everything to say and didn’t sound nervous at all. He was looking forward to children’s church as his favorite kids were there today that make him laugh. He really enjoys the kids. They are very intriguing to him.

“Therefore I rejoice that I have confidence in you in everything.” 2 Corinthians 7:16

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Happiest 16th Birthday Bennett!

God blessed us with an amazing young child sixteen years ago. We knew he was special but didn’t know how special he really was going to be.

Three years ago today, the life as we knew it changed rapidly. We all have learned many valuable lessons and appreciation for all things.

I’m proud of you Bennett for taking this all in and bringing out the positives and happy times out of your last 3 year journey.

I pray you use this gift that God gave you to live your life in a prosper, happy, and healthy way and to always follow God.

We will celebrate each day with you and look forward to all the birthday’s to come!

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February 18th update

Bennett played his last Freshman basketball game tonight at Massac County.  We lost by 4 points in the “A” game. Bennett got to play a few minutes each quarter.  He did really good defensively.  He really looked like he had a lot more energy.  In the 2nd half, we had 10 fouls called on us and Massac only had one.  The refs can really control the game and they sure did tonight.   He played all of the “B” game and we lost by 20 points.  Bennett played well with several rebounds, steal and 4 points.  He made a lay up shot and made 2 out of 4 free throws. 

Bennett has driving in the morning at 6:00 a.m.  It will be an early morning for him with getting home late from the game.  He should only have 1 or 2 more days of driving after tomorrow.  He’s excited about that.  It would be nice if he could get his license on his birthday but he will have to wait about 5 more months.  Lindy is just going to have to drive him around until August. 

We are so thankful and grateful to God that Bennett didn’t have any injuries playing basketball.  It can be a very physical game.  He has had several hard falls that looked really painful and dangerous.  We pray his bones continue to hold up through his high school career.  He will have a week off before baseball practice starts the beginning of March.

Praising the Lord for all his blessings!

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February 17th update

Only 3 days left for the Sweet 16th!!!

Bennett is doing pretty good.  He still has the cough and running nose.  He was really tired after school and tried to rest before his basketball game tonight.  We lost by 4 points against DuQuoin. Bennett got to play for about 2 minutes in the 3rd quarter.  In that time, he had a rebound, assist and foul.

Today, he had a sign language test in English. He had to know the alphabet in sign language and he got a 100. Pretty Kool!  Him and Lindy  really worked at it together.

Hope God continues to bless Bennett and all the kids fighting this horrible disease.

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February 16th update

Bennett is doing pretty good.  He has a cough that is pretty consistent and also a running nose.  He started doing the netti pot last night and keeping up with it two to three times a day.  He made it through basketball practice this morning and school.

Him and Lindy went with us to Hamilton’s basketball games in Harrisburg.  We tied the first game and than lost the 2nd game.  Bennett has a home game tomorrow night and than his last game is Thursday night at Massac Co.  We pray he is up to playing and gets too so he ends his freshman season on a good note. 

We ask for God’s blessings on us all!

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