January 31st update

Bennett is gradually doing better.  He says he still feels tired and pretty fatigue after only doing something for a few moments.  He slept most of the day yesterday.   Him and Hamilton had to go outside and play in the snow for a few moments.   Hamilton got sick again about midnight last night again.  It lasted till about 2 or 3 a.m. and he was able to go back to sleep last night.  I thought that weird that he was feeling much better yesterday and than it came back today.  I woke up with it yesterday morning and stayed in bed all day. Lindy did too.    Sid has been tired and not feeling well so looks like we all have had it one form or another.  Just hope we can get rid of it for good.  It’s a real nasty bug.    

We are anticipating everyone will feel well tomorrow and can go back to school.  It’s been a long week and weekend for Bennett being under the weather for so long and it’s a miserable flu.

We pray that everyone stays healthy and survives this winter!

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January 29th update

Bennett’s ANC today is  768   from 1,365 six days ago.   A pretty big drop in just a few days but a pretty good ANC considering his flu.  His WBC is 1.6 from 2.1 and neutrophils are 48 from 66.  His hemoglobin is good at 12.3 and platelets at 142.   His metabolic panel was good except for his liver levels. Still high at 116 and 283.  His oncology Dr. wanted his counts checked because of his stomach flu sickness.   She wants to hold any chemo pills until he starts feeling better, no nausea or diarrhea for 48 hours than,  he can start back taking them.

He didn’t feel very good this morning. He slept most of the day. He is eating better which is good news.    He has been awake this evening visiting with Lindy. 

The freshman basketball team won the championship last night against Harrisburg by about 15 points.  Bennett has practice tomorrow but not sure he needs to go since his hasn’t built up his strength yet.  We pray by Monday, he is back to normal.

Hamilton woke up at 4:00 a.m. throwing up. He was sick for a couple hours and he didn’t like it at all.  He hated the feeling of throwing up.  He started feeling better after lunch and by this evening, he is doing really good.  I am so glad he can bounce back to quick and which I could say the same for Bennett.  Sid is feeling a little quizzy this evening.  Sometimes you can spray Lysol and clean and it doesn’t seem to keep from passing it around.  

It started snowing about 6:30 tonight, it’s finally covering the ground.  It’s really a beautiful sight!  Hope everyone is careful driving in this.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.

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January 28th update

Bennett is just a little better.  He is not throwing up anymore but is very tired and weak.  He finally ate a little today, eating a sandwich for lunch.  Our main goal today was drinking and he really pushed himself and drank alot for me.   Today, he at least had the T.V. on some in between naps compared to yesterday when he didn’t even move all day and wouldn’t hardly talk.  I wanted him to take a shower since had hadn’t in two days but he didn’t feel up to it.  He finally pushed himself and took a bath.  His stomach still feels quizzy and upset so I have been giving him anti-nausea medicine still.

We’re disappointed that he is sick and couldn’t go to his basketball game tonight.  The boys won last night so they are playinig the championship game.  This is the 2nd tournament he has missed.   He was supposed to drive in the morning but I don’t think he can make it.  He doesn’t have enough energy to go to school.  Since he a little better and he is drinking, he is going to take his chemo pills this evening.     We pray that he can bounce back from this very soon.   Thank you for your prayers.

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January 27th update

Bennett is not feeling any better.  He threw up most of the night.  He has had chills off and on.  He thought he might of had a fever but when I took it this morning it was normal.    He did not go to school.  He was going to try to go later in the morning if possible so he could play tonight at his freshman basketball tourney but there was no way.

 He hasn’t ate anything all day. He has tried to drink but doesn’t feel up to it.  He has laid in bed all day and night.  The school said that many students are out because of the stomach flu and they have been out for 3 to 4 days at a time.  We pray that this doesn’t get Bennett too down and he feels better in the morning.

I called the Dr. on call to ask about his taking his chemo pills tonight and they said not too. Also, said if he can’t keep fluids down or isn’t drinking enough than he will need to be seen to receive iv fluids.  Bennett did wake up and drank a little before bed.  I am also giving him anti-nauseated medicine around the clock to help try to prevent him losing too many fluids.  We will see how he is tomorrow and call his Dr. if no improvements and ask about dehydration.

It’s hard not to get angry or disappointed that Bennett is sick again.  It seems he gets maybe one or two good weeks and than it’s back to him not feeling well or having some type of issue.  I hope this is only temporary and he can get back on his feet soon.

“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19  


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Jaunary 26th update

Bennett has the stomach flu.  We pray that it’s only a 12 hour bug and doesn’t last long.  He just started feeling bad at Lindy’s game tonight.  He started with a headache and I gave him tylenol.  Than his stomach started hurting and  by the time we got home, he was sick to his stomach.  He also had the chills.   I gave him some anti-nauseated medicine at the game and some pepto bismol at home.     I heard several people has had the flu so that’s what it probably is.

He had practice after school and than we went to Hamilton’s in-house game which they won.  Lindy’s team lost at West Frankfort.  We hope that Bennett feels better tomorrow so he can go to school and play in the game tomorrow night in the Hamilton Co. tourney. He and another player tied for high scorer of the game with 7.  He actually made a 3 pointer that I counted as 2.  In the newspaper, his coach was quoted saying that, “Page and Powell came in and hit some big shots for us.”

He took his weekly methotrexate pills this morning.  The Dr. didn’t want to change his dose even though his counts were good so he took 6 pills.  He didn’t take his 3 pills of 6mp because of being so nauseated tonight.

I asked the nurse about his globulin being so low and she said there is nothing that they really do or can do to help it.  We had hoped the infusion of the immune globulin would have increased his numbers but it actually went even lower.  We’ll check counts again in two weeks before his next chemo appt. in St. Louis.

“Casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

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January 25th update

The freshman team won!  37 to 28 against Fairfield in the Hamilton County tournament tonight!  Bennett played really good.  I am so happy that he wasn’t pooped out.  He had a lot of energy and aggressiveness!  He made 6 points!  he shot four times and making it three of those;  pretty good percentage! We play again Wednesday night at 8:00 against Eldorado in the tournament.  He will have driving again that morning and another long night,  hopefully he can duplicate tonight’s showing!

Hamilton had a game tonight too with the in-house team before Bennett’s game, and they lost by a few points. Hamilton didn’t play very well. His team plays again tomorrow night.  The boys have 3 games each this week so we have plenty of ball games to go too.  

When Bennett went to the locker room to change his clothes after the game.  His duffel bag with his clothes in it was all wet.  I guess the team before us took a shower after their game and got his bag and clothes all wet. Ugh!   When he got home, I went through everything and was laying out everything to dry. He told me that he had a small bible in the side zipper part that’s probably all wet too.  I asked him where did you get the bible?   (thinking maybe someone was passing them out).  He indicated that it’s one of his bible’s that he put in there, can’t I carry a bible?  Of course, I quickly added .    Bennett’s not a big talker so he is probably not carrying on  conversations about God to his friends or team mates.  I just pray that his witnessing is being seen by others and he continues to be a believer and example of our Lord and Savior.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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January 24th update

Bennett is doing good.  Amen!  We had a busy weekend going to the BIT games, our team did good placing 2nd!     Bennett had basketball practice after church today since they didn’t have any practice Saturday and  their tournament starts tomorrow in McLeansboro.  He has driving at 6:00 a.m. in the morning and than doesn’t play basketball until 8:00 p.m.  A long day for him, we pray it doesn’t wear him down. 

The boys, Lindy and I went to the see the Christian movie, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry playing at Marion.  It is a good Christian story about witnessing to others, treating people that are mean to you with twice the kindness,  forgiving others and enjoy life because we never know how long we are going to be here.  We pray that all our family and friends are Christians and ask God to be their savior.     

Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.” John 5:24

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January 23rd update

Bennett’s ANC today is 1,365 from 1,625 two weeks ago!   Yeah!   We like it!     His hemoglobin and platelets stayed close to the same at 12.0 and 181.  His liver levels are still high but not as bad at 89 and 235.  It appears that he needs to drink more.

 The globulin dropped again to 1.2 from 1.7 and is low. His Dr. thought after he received his infusion of immune globulin at his last appt that this would go up.  I’m not sure there is anything to do to improve this number because I believe he can only have this infusion once a month because of it’s side effects and extremely high cost.  I will see what the nurse says on Monday. 

Bennett is doing better today.  He started coughing today though, Urgh!  And it’s a deeper sounding congested cough.  We pray it doesn’t turn into anything and that he stays healthy to play in the Freshman Hamilton County tournament next week.

“Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.” Psalm 33:20

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January 22nd update

Bennett has had a headache the last two days.  Today he went to the nurse because it was bothering him and she gave him some tylenol.  He said yesterday he had a headache too at school and didn’t tell anyone.  I’m not sure what is causing the headaches but pray they go away.  He still is doing the netti pot at least once a day and his sinuses are very clear!  We’re thankful the cough is gone too!

 He had driving yesterday and basketball practice today before school.  After school than they lifted weights.  Tonight at the B.I.T (Benton Invitational Tourney), Bennett had to video tape the first game.  Benton Varsity played the 2nd game and won. This is their 3rd win in the tourney and two more games to go tomorrow!

During half time, Hamilton won the chance to make a half point shot to win $100 in 30 seconds but first you have to make a lay up, free throw, 3 pointer, and than a half point shot all in 30 seconds in front of a packed gym.  He made up to the 3 pointer!  His in house team played last night and lost by 3 points, it was a close game. 

May God bless you and your family giving you love, hope and faith!

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January 20th update

Bennett is doing good, Yeah!  We are so thankful and hope it continues. What a blessing!

He had basketball practice after school. They have started lifted weights at practice too which he likes to do.  He also got a new bar at home that he uses that has a total weight of 40 pounds.  He was able to hang out at home with Lindy and just relax, no ball games for our family to play tonight!

We heard from the taxidermist that is tanning Bennett’s moose hide tonight and the hide was finally shipped from Alaska!  We were getting worried and a little upset that it took so long.  The process of tanning the hide takes several weeks and this needs to be done before the mount can be done.  The Illinois taxidermy association is having a conference and banquet in March in Springfield, IL .  They will take the hide and his horns and make into a head mount at the conference. They will tell about Bennett’s story and his hunt of a Lifetime at the banquet and he should be able to bring his moose mount home.    We are looking forward to it, it will be neat to actually see them do all of this.   

Bennett has another early morning tomorrow driving with the instructor.  I think he was surprised the other day that she had some pointers for him as he feels pretty confident in his driving so he may have to re-learn of how to do the proper technique.

Thank you for checking in.  Did you know it’s been 47 months that this all began?  Next month, Feb. 20th, is his 16th birthday and 3 year anniversary!     If you are reading this, I want to Thank you for being a part of Bennett’s journey for several years and being a prayer warrior for us.   I do believe in the power of prayer and is one of the main reasons I have kept up this website because when he is ill, we need everyone asking God to heal him.  Please Thank God in your next prayer time for all the times he has carried Bennett through and continues to bless him!

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