November 29th update

Bennett is doing fair.  He is starting to get a cold.  He has been coughing more and has a running nose.  He seems to be sleeping more which is good but also worrisome.  He has started taking allergy med and cough med.

Thursday morning, him and Sid went duck hunting at Rend Lake.  They saw several ducks plus lots of geese too but didn’t get any.  Bennett said he shot 7 times and missed.  He spent the night with my Mom and Dad Thurs. night and was going to go duck hunting Friday morning but when he woke up, he had a stomach ache and didn’t feel good.  He ended up sleeping 13 hours that night.

Last night, Bennett was bored and wasn’t really in the mood to do much. I asked him to call a friend but he didn’t want too.  He spends lots of time with us and doesn’t hang out with his friends much anymore.   We ended up hanging out in his room and watching CSI together.  He was ready for bed at 9:00.   He had basketball practice this morning and he said he did good.

Our friend Ryan is still fighting hard.  His kidney and liver levels are better!  They are trying to wean him off the vent and hopefully he will be able to go home.    Thank you for everyone’s prayers for him.

We go Monday for a blood test,  We pray Bennett’s numbers are fairly well.

Thank you for checking in and May God bless you and your family.

“God is greater than our heart, and know all things.” 1 John 3:20

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a great day to think about all of things we are thankful for.  To some people Thanksgiving is a day to eat turkey, to watch Thanksgiving parades, to watch football, or to take a nap but the real meaning is to give Thanks!

Bennett had to write a paper on what he was thankful for and this is what he writes:

I am thankful for a lot of things.  Life is one of those things that I am thankful for and enjoy.  Most people don’t think about this but they don’t know what life could be like.  When you hear that some one dies, you say, “Oh I am sorry.” Then you move on in a month or two.  Same thing is what happened to me.  Everyone felt sorry for me but now they see me healthy and they have moved on.  They never really thought about what it was like going through all of it.  Missing so much school, not being in the same class anymore as my friends and losing what it feels like to be a kid.  Every time I see people that just don’t care or they make fun of someone, I just say in my mind, ” they don’t really think what life could be like and they take everything for granted.”

I am also thankful for my health.  I have a friend I have met from the hospital that I go to.  He is one year older than me.  We used to have a lot of fun together.  Now, he is not doing so good and he might pass away.  When I go to bed every night, I pray and think about him.    Also, when I step on the basketball court, I put his name on my shoes.  “Ryan” on the left and “Coe” on the right.  It makes me think of what I have and to be thankful of it.

Another thing I am thankful for is my family.  No one has passed away.  They are still here.  They have my back no matter what happens.  We have a good time when we are together.  My Uncle is in the Air Force and was in Iraq.  He is back now.  Thank God we are living a good life.

Thanks for reading,

-Bennett Page

We are thankful for what this year has brought to us. We are thankful for our health especially Bennett’s recovery.  We are thankful for all our family and friends that have helped us along this journey.

May God continue to bless Bennett. May he be with the families today that are not together because of sickness.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 25th update

Bennett is doing good, we are so thankful for that.  He is coughing just a little.   With all the colds, sore throats, and flu bugs going around, we are thankful that he doesn’t have anything.  He took his weekly chemo dose of 10 methotrexate pills and his daily 6mp chemo pills today.

His team won tonight by 2 points at home against Herrin.  It was a replay of last night!  We tied again tonight TWICE and won by 2 AGAIN.  We played two overtimes again and finally pulled it off.  Bennett played a lot in the 1st and 2nd quarters and played some in the 3rd.  He played really good.  He had a few rebounds and was very aggressive.  He went up for a shot and was fouled.  He made 1 out of 2 free throws.

Every game now, Bennett writes Ryan’s name on the back of the tape that he  wraps around his ankles. He says it helps him remember Ryan and remember what to be thankful for.  Also, since he started doing this, three games ago, he hasn’t fallen on the court while playing.     Bennett searched for these quotes that he likes and put them in a word document naming it “Beliefs To Win A Game.”   He also added Ryan Coe’s name to this list.  He has this taped in his basketball locker. He says he reads the quotes before every game and now another player reads it too with him and he wants his own copy for his locker.

Beliefs To Win a Game

1. “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

2. “It’s not he disability that defines you, it’s how you deal with the challenges the disability presents you with.  We have an obligation to the abilities we do have, not the disability.”

3. “People tell you that I overcame obstacles? Maybe. But the truth is I was incredibly blessed in my life.  More was given then was ever taken away.”

4. “Don’t give up, don’t every give up.”

5. “We take everything for granted day by day and don’t think what life could be like.”

6. “You have to strive to do your best because no one else can do it.”

7. “You have limitations but don’t let anything hold you back.”

8. “Pain is temporary, Pride is forever.”

9. “Believe in God and he will make all things right.”

10. Ryan Coe

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November 24th update

Bennett is doing good. I was worried with it being so cold during deer season that he might catch a cold. Bennett reminded me though that he can’t get sick from it just being cold out side.

His team won tonight by 2 points against Marion at home in double overtime. Bennett played some of the 1st and 2nd quarters. He was fouled twice, he made 1 out of 4 three throws. He looked good playing defensively. It was a pretty physical game and one of our boys hurt his wrist from falling on it. We play Herrin tomorrow night at home and they are really good too.

We heard our friend Brittani came home Saturday. Dr.’s decided not to drain the fluid that it wasn’t as bad as they first thought. The medicines she is on seems to be helping some. We have been told that she doesn’t want to be on life support so we pray that she is selected for her lung transplant soon.

It seems weird not going this week to find out what Bennett’s counts are. We pray that they are holding steady and that the daily 6mp chemo pills he takes along with the other chemo is keeping any leukemia cells away forever!

May you and your family be blessed.

“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

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November 23rd update

Well, we’re home and empty handed. Sid and Hamilton shot a few times but didn’t get a deer. Bennett saw a few but none really close enough to shoot. Bennett and I decided to come home and start unpacking today. He had basketball practice tonight so he didn’t want to be to worn out besides he was getting disappointed that he didn’t see much.

It was so cold Thurs night through Saturday that it was pretty miserable camping. It was low in the teens at night and high during the day around 35 but wind chills in the low 20’s. Today was beautiful, sunny and about 50 but Bennett and I was ready to just forget it. I know my heart wasn’t into it and I don’t think his was either with our friends sick.

Hamilton and I sat in a blind one night and saw a few doe’s. Below is a pic of him setting up our decoy. That’s the closest we got to a deer! He is so cute calling in the deer with his grunt calls. He went hunting with Sid a lot and this was the first year he didn’t fall asleep. The boys really do like it. Maybe next time it will be warmer and we will have better luck. Below is a pic at my Dad and Mom’s pond where we camp by, it was beautiful seeing the sun rise and set each day.

We will not get a blood test in the morning, it will be next Monday. Bennett took his last dose of steroids yesterday for this month. He seems to be feeling okay. We pray for his counts to stay good and no sickness. He has basketball games Monday and Tuesday night at home.

Thank you for checking in, your prayers,  love and support.

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November 20th update

Today is Bennett’s 21st month anniversary of being diagnosed with leukemia. Some days it seems like it has flown by so quickly and other times I didn’t know if we would ever get to this day. We are so thankful for Bennett’s good health, energy, and his love for life!

We are camping/deer hunting today and this weekend. It is mighty cold. It seems difficult to really get warm. Bennett saw a few deer this morning. A doe that was half white and brown. He didn’t think he could shoot it since it was white but it wasn’t all albino. He saw some bucks but they were too far away. Hamilton shot at a doe but missed.

We are having a hard time right now, our hearts are so heavy. Our friend Ryan’s body is worn out and Dr.’s believe they cannot treat the PTLD any longer. The hope is to get him over the pneumonia and vent to take him home. We pray this happens so his family can talk to him again. Praying for a miracle from God!

Our friend Brittani was taken two days ago to SLCH because she was in pain. They did an x-ray and she has fluid around her lungs. They have decided not to drain them. We pray that she can continue on strong until she can have her 2nd lung transplant.

Our friend Ethan is in Philly getting his 2nd treatment after relapsing with neuroblastoma. It’s a very scary treatment that his parents are having to experience. We pray that this treatment puts Ethan back in remission forever!

My uncle is still in the hospital after the car wreck, he is doing some better but needs our prayers.

We pray for safety this weekend for all the deer hunters and people traveling the roads while the deer are moving.

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November 19th update

Bennett is doing good.  He didn’t have practice nor a game tonight so he didn’t really know how to act today after school.  He enjoyed the time and started packing for our camping and hunting trip starting tomorrow night.  Shotgun deer season starts Friday and the boys can’t wait.   We will hunt and camp out by my Mom and Dad’s.    We hope the weather is good and everyone stays healthy.

We pray that Bennett doesn’t get any infections and his counts continue to stay pretty good.  We pray for all our friends that we have met at SLCH. We thank all the Dr.’s and nurses for being so kind and be a special part of our life too.

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; Your spirit is good.” Psalm 143:10

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November 18th update

Bennett’s Dr. appt today went well. His Dr. decided to keep him on the same chemo dosage for now. I was glad to hear that because I’m not confident that his ANC will stay at the higher end. She did say for us to check counts every 2 weeks instead of weekly. Bennett weighed 132 which is good.

Bennett was showing off his pictures of the ducks that they got duck hunting and I was showing off his magazine article. Everyone thought it was pretty awesome.

I asked his Dr. about him falling while playing basketball. I ask that and tonight he didn’t fall for the first time! She said it probably is from the chemo vincristine which he got today thru his port. He doesn’t fall going up and downstairs so she felt like his dosage was good for now. She said it would eventually go away when he is done with that chemo which is July 2010.

He took 10 methotrexate chemo pills today and also began taking 10 steroid pills daily for 5 days. The only good thing about the steroids is that it increases his appetite but Bennett hates of how they make him feel.

We went straight to St Louis when I picked him up from 1/2 day at school for his appt. We did stop by to see Ryan’s Mom in ICU and Ryan is the same today. We went straight to his ball game in Harrisburg. We lost by 26 points. Bennett did get to play every quarter and actually quite a bit. He made one basket, steal and a few rebounds.

We were watching Bennett running up and down the court. We see something and couldn’t figure out what was on the back of his legs. When he sat down on the bench, Sid could see that it said “Ryan” on his left side and “Coe” on the right side. He wears ankles braces and than tapes his ankles over that and Bennett had wrote his friends name on the tape.

We might of lost the game but I walked away having the best feeling. My son played quite a bit of the game after having chemo treatment today. And he played it from the bottom of his heart for his friend Ryan that is fighting for his life.

“Ive always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win.”

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A friend like no other..

We ask for your prayers for our dear friend, Ryan Coe.  He is in ICU with a fever, low blood pressure, on a ventilator, fighting for his life with pneumonia along with his other illnesses of PTLD and GVD.  Ryan is such a fighter but Dr.’s are not sure his body can make it any longer.

Bennett sent Ryan this message and it brings such happiness that we met Ryan and his family and much sadness that he is very sick..

To Ryan,

If I could go back in time, when you were doing good and I was feeling like crap. I would go back in time so we could enjoy those moments together again.  I would do this all over again if I could, to help you get better..

Every time I go to bed, I think people really don’t know what life could be like and they take too many things for granted.

I know you are a fighter.  You have made it through a lot more, than some people thought.  You will probably will hear this 100 times in the next few days and people will say, Keep your head up…. but I mean it.

I have been there just like you when odds are up and against you.  There will be a sunny day for you soon, when you got a big ole deer in your hand. You have worked for it all your life especially while making it through this.

I mean this, keep your head up buddy.

Love Bennett

Sept. 2007

Sept. 2007

“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17

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November 17th update

Bennett’s ANC today was 1,488 from 1,166! His WBC was 2.4 and neutrophils was 62.   His hemoglobin went up to 11.6 from 11.4 and platelets were up to 133 from 119.  We were glad to see his counts moving up a little; an answered prayer.   We will see what the Dr. will want to do with his dosage of chemo tomorrow.

Bennett had a great time duck hunting Saturday and Sunday morning.  They got a total of 15 ducks, some were ringnecks, bluebills, and shovelors.  He had to get up pretty earlier so he spent the rest of the day taking a nap.

We won the ball game Saturday night against Salem.  Bennett didn’t play very much but the short time he was in there, he had a good rebound.

Bennett is going to go to school a 1/2 day tomorrow so he is eligible to play in tomorrow nights game, than we will hurry to his appt in St. Louis at 1:00 and try to make it to the game in time in Harrisburg.   He wants to try so he isn’t missing the only game this week.

Bennett will need an iv push of vincristine, breathing treatment to prevent pneumonia, begin taking steroids twice a day for 5 days, take methotrexate pills besides his daily 6mp pills.

Thank you for checking in, your love, prayers, and support.

“You have limitations but don’t let anything hold you back.”

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