July 25th update

11:00 a.m. Bennett had some pain last night in his hands, this is a side effect from the vincristine. They gave him some pain med last night and this morning for this.

He didn’t eat breakfast, other than his popsicles. He has slept most of the morning. He feels ok other than being tired. Our roommate’s grandmother came for about an hour this morning, he is getting high dose of methotrexate too.

4:30 p.m. Bennett had 1/2 peanut butter/jelly sandwich for lunch. He is still eating his popsicles, he is being such a trooper, I would be getting sick of them by now. Bennett’s face is getting puffy, they said because of all of the methotrexate and fluids he is getting so quickly. They just gave him furosemide to make that better which means he will urinate more. Him and his roommate have been playing mario together.


7:30 p.m. The methotrexate was finished at 5:30 tonight. The nurse did a blood test and his methotrexate level is 113. This is in normal range, anything below 150. This is higher than the first time which was 55.08. I don’t know if this means it will take longer to clear this time? They will do another blood test at 11:15 tomorrow. The level has to be at .10 before he is discharged.  He didn’t eat any dinner. He has been sleeping for the last several hours. They check his PH in his urine and so far this is good, last time they had to give him bi-carb because it wasn’t at the level it needed to be, so this is good.

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven..” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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  1. Mrs. Bethel said on July 25th, 2007: 6:22 pm

    Hey kid! I’ve been checking your website to see how you are doing. I’m glad to see that you are gaining some weight back. I often think back to all of the funny times that we had together in 6th hour! I hope that things go well this week.

    Mrs. Bethel

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