May 30th update

Bennett was very tired this morning. He was sick his stomach too. He slept most of the day. He got up though later in the afternoon to visit with Ross Heern and his Mom, Debbie. Ross was diagnosed in October with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He just graduated from Thompsonville High School. I have spoken to Debbie several times on the phone but this was the first time we met. We really enjoyed our visit. Ross has under gone the same chemo medications that Bennett has had or will have. It is so neat to have this network of friends so close to home that are cancer survivors and can relate to our feelings. Please pray for Ross as he continues on his maintenance phase!


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A True Blessing from God!


What miracles God can do!

Brittani seemed so happy today! Her breathing has improved so much from a couple of weeks ago! She looked so beautiful!

I was impressed when I congratulated her on walking from her bed to her door, she said yes normally lung transplant patients don’t walk this soon, I am pushing myself! I told her this is the “Benton cheerleader” coming out in her!

A true fighter! If you are ever feeling sorry for yourself or think you have had a bad day, think of Brittani!

If you haven’t already, please be an organ donor! Remember to sign the back of your driver’s license! You can give the gift of life too! Thanks to Brittani’s donor and family!

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May 29th update

We have been home about an hour, it’s 9:42 p.m. We left the house this morning at 7 and we didn’t go shopping!

Bennett got sick in the car on the way to St. Louis from being nausea.

We had to wait awhile for the Dr. this morning; she thought he was doing good. They did a CBC test. His ANC dropped to 570. Also, His platelets were low at 38. Normal range is 140-440. He had to receive a blood transfusion before he could receive his chemo.

He got the chemo drug called Vincristine in his port and than got PEG-asparagin in his leg muscles. The medicine hurts more than the actual shots he says.

We left the hospital at 4:00 and was stuck in traffic for 1 1/2 hours before we even got to union station. Bennett’s hands and feet became tingly and itchy. This is a side effect from the vincristine.
We stopped at Fairview Heights and ate since Bennett only had a bowl of cereal for the day.  Bennett noticed a rash developing on his arm before we ate and after we ate the rash was also on his knees. We called the doctor and waited for a call back as we kept driving home.

At Nashville, our car started smoking. We stopped and it was leaking oil. We stopped at Mt Vernon put 3 quarts of oil in and also at Whittington and put in 3 more quarts. OH my, What Fun!

After we got home as we kissed the pavement, his rashes were gone and so was the tingling in his arms and legs.

Through all of this, we had a Great Day! We were blessed in visiting with Brittani!

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BBQ Dinner and Auction


A Benefit BBQ Dinner and Live Auction for Bennett will be on Saturday, June 2nd at Benton Boneyard Boccie Ball Club, 500 Wilson Street, Benton.  618-435-3216
BBQ Dinner cooked by 17th Street with 2 sides begins at 4:00. A live auction will begin at 6:30 p.m. Also there will be a 50/50, raffles items, and silent auction too.

Come bring your family and enjoy the Fun! You do not have to be a Boccie member to attend.

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May 28th update

Happy Memorial Day!  Remembering the soldiers that lost their lives serving our country. God Bless America!

Bennett has had a good day. This is the longest period of time that he has felt good.  He played with Hamilton most of the day, they got along quite well for a change.

Tomorrow he goes for treatment with a chemo drug given through his port and he also will receive another chemo drug through the muscles of his legs – 3 shots at once.  Both of these drugs have several side effects and are pretty potent.

We hope to see our friend Brittani if not, just knowing she is doing well will be a good feeling.

“Many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.”

2 Corinthians 1:11

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Catch of the Day!

Attached are some pictures of the fisherman and their catches from Friday and Saturday! Bennett got his Bass!


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May 26th update

It’s been difficult to even think about giving an update on Bennett with the situation that Brittani is going through.

His nausea and tiredness seems to be so small compared to Brittani trying to take breathes of air. Please pray for Brittani and her family, she has a long way to go.

Bennett is doing good, He has been tired, weak and nausea some but he has managed to get up some and do a few things.

The nurse gave him his last dose of chemo through his port for the week and did a CBC. His ANC is 750. Anything from 500 to 1,000 is a slight chance of getting infection, he needs to be cautious. Other counts were acceptable.

He continues to take a chemo through pill until Monday night. Tuesday we go back to St Louis, he will receive a chemo drug through his port and he will receive three shots in his legs.

Thursday night he went to Hamilton’s game and he helped be 1st base coach! WOW! It was so great to see him on the field. Hamilton played an awesome game. I believe knowing his brother was right there to watch him.

Friday he went fishing with Sid and Hamilton, they caught some nice bluegill. Bennett only caught one, he says he was trying for a bass. He had a great time.

Today is Saturday and he feels good. He got up and wanting to go fishing again so his Dad took him and Hamilton. I’m getting ready to go and show them up and catch all the fish! His baseball team has a tournament today in Harrisburg, Good Luck Rangers!

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A special prayer goes out to our friend,

Brittani Shurtz!

God will bless you with a healthy set of lungs today!

We love YOU Brit!

To receive the latest update on Brittani’s condition, you may visit:

3 months ago today on Feb. 24th, Brittani and Bennett were both in SLCH. Brittani really could relate to Bennett, as they  have so much in common.

“Cancer Survivors”


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May 23rd update

Bennett rode his bike with Tyler to school from the bank to get their report cards and than rode to Tyler’s house in the morning!

We were so proud of Bennett and his grades!  Thank you to the school teachers, administration and his homebound teacher – Niki in making it possible for him to be  able to finish his 7th grade year!

I picked Bennett and Tyler up to go our house to meet the home health nurse. He received his chemo and went good.

His baseball team had a game and Bennett felt like going to cheer his team on.  He stayed mostly in the dug out but wanted to stay for both games.

We are thankful for these good days he is having.

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May 22nd update

Bennett has been about the same the last two days.  He feels good for awhile and than has to rest for awhile.  He wanted to go to school on Monday but just didn’t have enough energy to go.

Today, he has felt pretty good.  The  home health nurse came to give him his chemo and did a CBC test.  We didn’t have to go to St Louis today because he only needed the chemo that the home health nurse administered last week. He will have to have this chemo 4 days in a row last week. He also is taking another chemo med at night by pill.

His RBC and platelets were good.  His ANC is 1,273. The chemo he is on now elevates your white cell count so they say his ANC may not be exactly right.

He had Fun today, going to some friends houses and riding bikes. He went to Carbondale mall and hung out with Thomas while Sid and I ran errands this evening.

He hopes to go to school tomorrow and pick up his report card. He is looking forward to it.

He doesn’t have much of an appetite. He has learned to eat small portions more frequently if possible since his stomach is upset most of the time. He has learned to go on and not let this small complaint bother him.

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